When I Die – RE: Rules Upon Death

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Death. It unfortunately happens every single day all around us and it’s something we try to not think about it. But with time, we all have to face death in one way or another.

Back in 2012, Carrie Hope Fletcher, also known as It’sWayPastMyBedTime, posted a video discussing how she wants her funeral to be like and it got me thinking. She made a lot of points that I feel are fantastic ideas so definitely check out her video.

Now, death naturally is a sad thing. Loosing anyone in your life or someone you love will almost always be hard, but to me, each and every person that passes should be, in a sense, celebrated.

So for my funeral, I have a little plan for anyone that may attend. First and foremost, let’s toss the word “funeral”. When I go, it’s going to be a little gathering, a party if you will. Not in celebration that I am dead, but in celebration of the life I lived and the connections I had with each and every person that was in my life.

When I pass, I really don’t want my lifeless bod to just lay in a casket underground, it just sounds, Bleh. Instead, I would really like to have my body cremated and set into a little lovely case/jar thing that can’t just shatter if dropped because that would just be bad…

Now for the little party/service. I’d love for everyone to enjoy beautiful weather (hopefully) on a hill that overlooks the ocean. I don’t really have a specific location picked out so perhaps a beach close to my home or something. I want everyone to be together and partying in some way. Regardless, everyone needs to enjoy drinks, delicious food, and fun happy music while being together, dancing, partying and just being happy regardless to my passing.

Everyone that attends my little “party” MUST wear happy colors and clothes that make them feel beautiful inside and out. I want everyone to show up with smiles and just happy and good energy all around. We want positive vibes people, positive!

Then when the sun starts to set, those who would like to can speak on my behalf, share funny and crazy stories and just all together remember me. But when they do remember me, I would like all to remember the happy and good parts of my life. As Carrie said in her video, I want everyone to remember me in my prime. If I passed from sickness or had sickness during my life, look past those times and see the good, the happy and best times of my life, most of which I’m sure include those I love.

sunset-over-indian-oceanThen as the sun begins to fully set, the sky breathtaking, the breeze calm, I want everyone to take a moment of silence and take in the beauty that surrounds them. And as they do, someone take my little jar of me and carefully spill out my remains over the hill, allowing the wind to, in a sense, take me. Again, carefully, there’s a whole lot of wrong that could go on. We don’t want bits of me in so and so’s mouth. That’s just scary for said person.

Once my little me jar is empty (and for my loved ones, if they want they can take some of my ash and keep it someway so that I’m with them always), I want everyone to look toward the ocean, taking in the beauty that I always love to admire, and as the wind twirls around everyone, I want them to think of me as the wind, surrounding them with positive energy, hugging them and always there if they need me.

At the spot I’m “released” if my loved ones would like, a tombstone that says my name, years, and a little quote that is still to be determined. That way for any who need a specific spot to go to to talk to me, they can go to that stone and speak to me while being surrounded by nature and beauty with the powerful and amazing ocean stretched out in front of them.

That may sound sort of weird. Yes, that was weird. But it’s just something and how I’d like to have my “funeral”/party to go whenever that time comes for me.

Unless I’m immortal… ;)

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