What to Do at VidCon

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VidCon offers so many different things for you to do. There are lectures and classes that you can attend when no one’s performing which can teach you all sorts of things ranging from simple things like talking to a camera to ways to make your film/video look almost professional with lighting and cameras. I know it sounds boring, but trust me, it’s so worth going to! It’s all really cool and seriously sit down and look at the programs they have set up for your use.

Along side classes and lectures, you can meet up with your favorite YouTubers. This is where it can get a little tricky. YouTubers who have a large audience, like Shay Carl or Shane Dawson, are a lot harder to talk to and meet. There are thousands of others that watch them that are also attending that want a chance to meet them just the same as you may, some more some less. During Meet-Ups, you’re able to sit down and listen to the YouTuber answering questions from you and the rest of the audience and in the end, you’re able to take a picture or get their autograph but not much more. They all do want to talk to you but there’s a lot of others that want to talk to them as well and what not. It’s a system now where it’s a lot harder to talk to someone who’s not as big. You also need to keep in mind they’re humans and busy and I’m sure if they’re rushing to go somewhere they either have to pee (which I highly suggest to NOT follow them into the bathroom) or they’re needed somewhere/have an appointment for something.

When it comes to talking to YouTubers, you have to keep in mind how you probably look/appear to them. They may be having a good amount of people coming up to them saying how much they love their videos, which they do love, but sometimes it can get creepy. There are some people who they don’t know at all that’ll come up to them and say really strange things about their lives, say they love their videos and then just stare. If you’re going to do that, just ask for a quick pic and signature, thank them for the work they put into their videos and be done. It’ll be brief, simple and hopefully fu-filling for you. If you want, try and do something or say something (NOT creepy) that’ll help them remember you.

If you have the time to and they don’t seem like they’re trying to end any type of conversation quickly, try talking to them about something you may think is interesting, or ask for a tip on something, but nothing that may make it seem lie you’re just solely trying to spend time with them. Actually want to learn and hear what they have to say about whatever it is you’re asking. Also ask question you are truly curious about, but nothing too personal.

Don’t follow them around or just stand awkwardly near them, staring. It will make them feel completely uncomfortable and it’s just creepy! They’re just as nervous a majority of the time as you may be when you first approach them. Keep in mind their personal bubble and respect them properly.

Something awesome about VidCon is you’re there to make friends. Don’t go around promoting yourself and your channel to strangers, though there are a few that do that. VidCon is there to connect people with one another. When someone asks what your channel is, only then share it and hand them a business card or something of the sort. If you see someone you find may be interesting or fun to talk to, shake their hand, introduce yourself and start up a conversation. Ask them what they do on YouTube and just simple fun talk to keep a conversation going. You can grow some really awesome friendships while you’re there. It’s a great way to find others that do similar things that you do and learn a lot about the YouTube community you’re apart of.

Now, as the years go on, the schedule may change and things may be added or removed from the schedule, but as of now, this has been the case for the past two years that VidCon has been going on. Hope this helps!

Enjoy yourself and have fun while you’re there! The first day, try and warm up as fast as you can because the event will end far too quickly thereafter. You’ll regret not being open, friendly and outgoing while you’re there if you don’t connect with others as much as you may want to. Be responsible and respectful but try and be yourself as much as possible. It’s meant for you to connect, learn and have fun, so do just that!

And if you ever see John or Hank Green (which may be rare, they’re always busy!) and they’re not rushing, shake their hand and sincerely thank them for putting on such an amazing event for you and all the rest.

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