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Ty and I took a road trip from our home in North Carolina up to Washington D.C. Despite the hectic but fun way of navigating our way through the city, we had so much fun and really had a great experience. Our first day there, we decided to walk through the area and see most of the monuments and memorials that are available to the public. Stupidly, we kept referring to the Capital Building as the White House but over time, figured out what was what. I really felt like my education has done well for me :P (In our defense, we were delirious for having about two hours of sleep total within the past two days and driving 7 hours straight as well as being confused, frustrated and tired lol)

Click here for photos from our trip! :)

Anyways, so the first day we saw so many beautiful, historic buildings and monuments, admiring the beauty around us. However, the only downfall – it was incredibly hot for about five in the afternoon, and once the sun was hiding completely, there were so many mosquitoes. Gross!

The second day we immediately went to the Masonic Temple. Ty’s obsessed with learning about the Free Masons and so was truly excited to go through the building. It was a beautiful building and I really did enjoy it as well. One thing that creeped me out about the building was that I kept getting a really weird vibe when we walked into the meeting rooms. Regardless, the building is magnificent and I would say that it must be seen if you visit Washington DC.

After visiting the Masonic Temple,we took a quick run through the Spy Museum which cost about $18 for the both of us, however it was really interesting to see. We weren’t able to take any pictures or videos, but by the end of seeing the museum, I’ve came to the conclusion that my grandfather was a spy :P

On the second day, we also took a trip to the Museum of Natural History and walked through there, viewing all the really cool exhibits and

information they have throughout the entire museum about all different sorts of things. It’s as well as must see!! After walking through the museum a bit, we walked over to the Museum of American History which we couldn’t spend much time in (we only had about a half hour to view it all), but it definitely had a ton of really cool, interesting and assorted topics to view and learn about.

Once all the museums were closed (which they close down mostly around 5:30), we road over to Georgetown where my parents said is a really cute shopping area. We went into the Apple Store there as it’s something Ty and I do wherever we go that has an apple store, then sat down and ate at Papa Razzi which was – in my opinion – not that great. It may have been that I was expecting Mozzarella Sticks like the kind you get from Friendly’s or so, but they were made completely different than what I was hoping for and so I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it.

During our third day there, we tried our best to get all that we could done in one day. First was the Smithsonian area; we covered the Smithsonian Castle, the Freer Art Gallery, then the Modern Art Museum, then the Air and Space Museum.

Funny story: We decided to bring my backpack on this day, and silly me forgot to take out the unboxing knife/dagger looking things that Ty decided to bring with us, for perhaps safety(?). Well, two of the places we went into had full on airport-like security screening. And oh did they see that knife! We were stopped and questioned about the knife and it had to be inspected. The first time this happened was at the Air and Space Museum. Thankfully there wasn’t much of a problem and we carried on our little way through the museum. After that, we went and ate Mc Donalds! This was when Ty decided to start feeding all the bird! There were about 20 or so birds literally sitting next to us, waiting for ty to hold out his hand with a fry for them to snatch from his fingers. It was hilarious how they acted and we saw a little bird that had lost a foot.

After eating, we came to our second security problem. We waited in line for a good half hour outside of the National Archives building and once we got through to security, we got stopped again. They had us take the knife out of the building, where Ty then hid it within some bushes so he didn’t have to throw it away (I mean, it really is a pretty nice lookin’ thing!)

After that whole spiel and awkwardly asking a women and her kids if there was a knife in the bushes behind them, we headed towards the Jefferson Monument, then the Arlington Cemetery, which is truly crazy with how many graves there are there, and then drove by Mt Vernon (we weren’t able to really get in because it was closed). Later that night, we went to see the movie The Virginity Hit and just enjoyed our last night within the city.

The next morning was our last day. Sadly, it rained most of the morning, but we really didn’t do much. We bought some hoodies for ourselves, went to the Aquarium, and then the National Zoo.
The Aquarium really isn’t something to pay for unless you have kids. It’s a small, simple Aquarium in the basement of the Commerce Building across from the Reagan Building. It cost us $18 for the two of us to go in, and it really is small and quick to run through.

The Zoo, on the other hand, was really amazing. First off, it was big! And we had to walk a ton. But we both liked it a lot! We saw a ton of beautiful and interesting animals. They even have a Panda family there which was beautiful. We also were able to see a Cheetah eat a bunny which, though upsetting, was fascinating.

After the long day, we began our 7 hour drive home. We drove straight through and began listening to the Audio book “Delivering Happiness” which is honestly really good!

All in all, we had a wonderfull time. We weren’t able to see and go through all the different things we really wanted to fully see, but for all that we did see, we enjoyed it all. It was a wonderful experience and I advise everyone to, at some point, visit Washington D.C and see all the different historic buildings, monuments, memorials and attractions. It’s all so beautiful! :)

Oh, be sure to have your stuff planned before hand though, and know that somewhere near where you may be there will be parking – whether it’s free or cheap – find it! And also have your hotel planned and know where to go to get into the city or to where you want to go from your hotel. <3 Maps on the iPhone! Hah.

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