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VidCon 2012 has already been planned and getting itself all together quickly! There are a few pieces of information that have been leaked to those that attended VidCon 2011 and this is definitely something you need to jump on if you’re wanting to go! Click here to see the PDF of the VidCon information.

VidCon is a video conference held for YouTubers of all sorts. It’s a truly amazing experience that I’d highly suggest to someone who uses YouTube daily or making videos on YouTube as their job. There are so many different opportunities present to each and everyone who attends the event.

While there, you’ll be able to meet YouTube “Stars”, listen to them talk about multiple topics, learn a few things and meet some truly amazing people.

Now, here are a few things you should know about VidCon and keep in mind when planning to attend the event.

The main things you need to know:
– Event Dates
– Event Location(s)
– If the events held at a hotel, hotel prices
– If the events at a convention center, hotel prices nearby
– Possible Discounts (from the event; event hotel rates)
– Event Agenda (time things begin and when the day ends)
– Flight Prices
– Transportation
– Tourist Attractions Near By you may like to see

VidCon happens once a year, thus far it’s always been Mid/Late July and held in California. Over the past two years, the amount of people attending has doubled and will continue to grow as the years go on.

So at one point throughout the year, Hank and John Green (the “Vlog Brothers” who plan and put together the whole event) announce the dates, location (hotel/convention center it’s held in) and allow people to purchase their tickets for the following years event. Once that information is announced, it’s vital to act quickly.

The very first thing you MUST do is to decide whether or not you’re going to attend the event. Sometimes, people will purchase tickets and reserve a hotel room, etc and then last minute decide either their nervous and don’t want to go, they can’t go because of something personal, family plans vacation together at the same time, or they just can’t afford it. If that happens, I do believe you’ll get your money back for the hotel but I’m not 100% sure on if you’ll be refunded the price for the VidCon tickets or Flight. It can get really complicated if you decide to cancel last minute. It’s also vital you know whether or not your’e going so those who do want to go and are 100% sure they will go have a chance to get a ticket.

If you’re under (I’m going to say/guess 16) will need a parent or guardian to go with you. You’ll need to speak with your parents/guardian about the event, explain to them what it is, what happens there, where it’s held, dates, times, and anything else they ask. Once you get your permission, you need to take immediate action and get everything set and planned.

Most times, they have two different options for you in regards to VidCon tickets. They have one type of ticket which has been called “Industry Pass” where you pay a little bit more but are able to go to lectures and classes a day earlier than the event starts. This option is best if you are going to not only learn but grow as a person while attending. You can learn a lot of different things like tips and tricks with producing videos, some YouTuber’s stories and how they got to where they are today.

The second type of ticket is just your basic pass which will allow you to attend the event for the few days it may be held, (2011 it was 2 days, thus you could attend the stuff held on those two days). Regardless of which pass you get, if you purchase your pass within I believe a month after the event information’s announced, you’ll be able to get them cheaper. There after, it’ll be the normal price (which tends to be $100).

Once you’ve purchased your VidCon ticket(s), you’ll have to book a room for the dates you’re planning on staying in Los Angeles. Most times, friends will room with one another to make paying for the room easier for each person. There are VidCon rates for the rooms which vary, but it’s a great thing to keep in mind. There’s also a forum on the site where they have topics/posts where people are looking for roommates. If you want, book a hotel room for yourself and whomever else may be attending with you, then figure out a rooming situation with buddies or family. You’re always able to take your room back and not be charged (as long as you cancel a few days prior to the event – always double check with the hotel before hand just to be safe).

Depending on where you live, flights can be extremely costly if you don’t act fast and can run out over time. It’s always best to have a schedule planned out. You need to have a decent time to get to the hotel where the events taking place to unpack, freshen up, and then start your days. It’s easiest to come a day prior to the event starting to allow yourself time to get into the groove of the people around you. Depending on what you take part in, you’ll probably barely sleep the entire time and be filled with excitement for the event.

Your best bet would to plan arriving to LA a day before the event and leave a day after. That’ll give you time to adjust and relax before getting into motion. Be sure to plan your night stays at the hotel around your flights as well. You’ll want to really research and look into airports near you and airports near the location the events held.

You’ll also want to keep in mind transportation. If you’re not looking to rent a rental car for the time you’re in LA, you’ll have to make sure there’s some type of shuttle that will transport you from whichever airport you arrive in to the hotel the event’s held. If not, you’ll need to see about Taxi’s and how much a cab ride will be (which can get pricey). Shuttles from the airports to the hotel should be free.

Once you have those things down, it’s just making sure everything is completely planned and settled, assuring that you will not come across any problems (aside from any possible flight cancelations and delays which can never be assured) and that you’re set. After that, do some research on what will be going on during the event, read about each speaker and presenter, and put your video producing into gear!

All in all, you’ll probably spend about $1,000 – $2,000 for everything (i.e tickets, flight, hotel, transportation, food, and any other merchandise you may buy).

If you’re going with friends or family and plan on staying longer than the event to allow yourselves some time to sight-see and explore, try and find a few things in the LA area to spend time. Keep in mind that some places and things to do can be costly. The beach isn’t too far by if you have a car and it’s a great place to spend time at if you like that type of stuff. It’s good to have a few things planned for yourselves after the event just so you have an idea of where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing. If you’re planning to stay further away from where the events held, try booking a different hotel near the area you want to be that can be cheaper. At the hotel where the events held, there’s “VidCon Room Rates” which make staying there cheaper, but once the events over, you may want to spend less money to stay at a simpler hotel/motel nearby.

If you’re curious on things that would be ideal to bring along with you on the trip, click here! Hope this helps, and like I’ve said and can’t stress enough: Plan AHEAD of time! Do not wait to plan your trip and get your tickets or else you’ll be placed on the waiting list and lose a chance for an amazing experience. Also curious on “What to Do at VidCon“? Click :D

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