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So today I’ve been so stressed. I have three videos I had planned to film and finish (at least the raw footage parts) by today, however, too many things came into play to completely stop me from doing so. With looking back at the entire day, I want to share with you some tips I think you’ll find helpful if you’re trying to film videos or anything of that sort in your house.

1. Find a quiet and simple location or place to film. You want to find a room in your house (probably on the top floor if possible to reduce any noise like footsteps overhead) that’s farthest from the busiest side of the house (i.e the street or a train-track if that’s nearby). Having a quiet and comfortable (simple) place to film can help reduce stress if you’re serious and try to be professional in your videos. You won’t have as much background noise, you won’t have as many interruptions and what not.

2. Be sure to tell anyone and everyone that may be in the house to keep quiet and to try to have their noise at a minimum. Some people find it a lot better to film when no one is around, which can help a ton with your confidence and allow you to be more, well, you. See what works best for you and be sure to inform everyone you must to keep their volume as low as possible. Same goes for animals. If you have a dog, like I have Mac, who always wants to be where you are or wants to play, see about putting them in their cage and having them rest or keeping a few toys in there to keep them occupied so they don’t make noise. If they’re cage is in the area you’re filming, just simply try moving it for the time being.

3. Try and find a location that has the best natural light (but be sure it fits all other criteria to make it as simple and less stressful for you). Natural lighting can help a lot. If you use some lamps or construction lights to light up the room so you can get the image you want with your camera, it tends to get a little toasty in a confined room. Having natural light brings down the heat levels, makes it a lot simpler and looks really nice on camera if you capture it right (which isn’t hard to do).

4. Lastly, focus. It’s really hard to film a video if you can’t push things off to the side and just relax. Take a few deep breaths, have a snack ready for you and a drink so you have something to wind down to after you film. Also have a few sips of water to keep your throat or mouth from drying up and just have fun with it. You need to calm your mind and heart to be able to seriously focus on your task and video. Don’t try to be too professional, but keep that kind of tone when filming. Have fun with it and don’t get mad when you mess up something. Laugh and enjoy it.

Hope those quick little tips can help! :D

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