The Two Best Products for Blemishes

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So I really want to start getting into beauty. Being as I’m going to be turning 19 this year, I really need to seriously start focusing on beauty if I want to be attractive as I grow older, which is a very hard thing to keep up with honestly.

Anyways, acne has been and still is one of my main issues. I’ve been dealing with acne for the past 11 years and have tried to find the best products to help solve my little issue.

Over time, I’ve found these two, Clinique’s Acne Spot Healing Gel and Clean&Clear’s Persa-Gel Spot Treatment. Both of which have helped me throughout breakouts and through my daily use.

For pimples that are just starting to come, I try to zap away with the Spot Healing Gel. Clinique did a magnificent job in my opinion on this product. It stings a bit, which can be irritating for the time being and make you want to scratch wherever you put it, but it does it’s job incredibly fast. I’ll get some really bad pimples that I can tell will give me hell and the second I see them, I grab the bottle, dab some of the gel on the bump and the next day, it’s practically gone. You’ll still be able to tell where it is and you may need to continue putting the gel on every night before bed until it’s gone, but it’ll basically stop it in it’s tracks. For me, that’s amazing!

The Clean&Clear spot treatment is great for pimples I may have popped (out of bad habit) or are going away. The cream basically smooths out my skin, reduces redness over time, and helps clean and clear up my face from all those nasty blemishes.

I’m extremely self conscious of my zits, but these two products have seriously helped me a ton! Be sure to check them out and perhaps give ’em a try!

Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel –
Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 10 Maximum Strength –

Now, I will tell you a few fair warnings about the products as well!

Clinique’s gel is fantastic and has worked really well for me and my boyfriend. However, it isn’t good to have on, then put make up over. It creates a layer over the zit and it will become noticeable once you place foundation over it. You also do not want to put the gel on an open pimple (something you may have popped or cut) being as it will sting a lot and sometimes, depending on the pimple, it’ll only make it more noticeable. It’s best to use this at night after you’ve fully washed and cleansed your face just before you go to bed.

With Clean&Clear’s spot treatment, be frugal with the amount you put on. A little dab will do fine. If you put too much, you’ll be able to see it, being as it creates a white-type outline/layer. It may make your face feel dry if you put on a lot, but that should go away with time throughout the day/night. For me, it was best to put this on at night after I’ve fully washed my face before bed. I personally LOVE putting this on my blemishes before I fall asleep, waking up, gently freshen up my face and put make up on. It makes applying make up on a lot easier because the redness of my blemishes is at it’s minimum and I feel a lot better about my skin. It makes my face look loads clearer and it seems to tighten my pours a bit as well (which I need, badly).

As I said, I overall absolutely love the two products! They work for my skin, which is Oily-Normal sensitive skin. I know the gel works well as well for my boyfriend who has Normal/Normal-Dry skin. Try these out if you’d like, but also keep in mind this may not work for you. Everyone’s face is different, regardless you’re beautiful as you are!

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