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I’m seem to always be on the move and always tend to need or always want to bring my laptop with me. I have a backpack that can hold my laptop, but sometimes I’d much rather hold just my laptop in a sleeve. Well, I recently discovered Snupped and I think I may have finally found a really great sleeve/case for my laptop :) And I absolutely love all of the designs that they have available on their site. It’s an online-based brand that provides you with customizable laptop sleeves, tablet cases, and phone (small devices) sleeves. It’s fantastic!

IMG_6645 copy

You can design your own case with any of the amazing designs made by their designers or if you’d like, you can upload your own design or perhaps a picture. Every case is fully customizable and specifically hand tailored to you and your device’s requirements. They never mass produce their cases; once you make your order, the case is then made specifically just for you. I ordered my own SpaceSuit for my Macbook Pro 13″ (2010 model) and I absolutely love it. It’s great for when I’m on the go, I can just slide my laptop in, zip it up, and carry it with me. One great feature is you can decide whether or not you want to have handles on your case or not. Hell yes I wanted those bad boys. I honestly hate carrying stuff like just a simple sleeve around; I’d rather just throw it into a bag one way or another. But the fact that I was able to put handles on it made it so much better to me. I can have my purse on one arm and my laptop on the other as I go from place to place.


I chose to get two different designs on the front and back; a galaxy type design on one side and a blue pixel design (shown above) on the other along with a simple black interior. The images look Hi-Def and don’t smell like some nasty printed image onto a shirt or something. The exterior seems durable and waterproof (though of course I wont be testing that out just in case but a simple splatter of water on the exterior itself wont affect your laptop inside) and the interior is soft, cushiony, and protective. The handles seem to be strong and can definitely hold my laptop without a problem.

IMG_9880I will say that when I first received my “SpaceSuit”, I had a mini panic attack that my laptop wouldn’t fit because of a hardshell case I have on it. At first, I didn’t fully unzip it (a tiny bit made a difference) and my laptop wouldn’t fit with the case. But then I realized, “oh hey Grayson, you should probably unzip the entire thing and slide it in head on rather slanted, dummy”. So all was well in the world again.

One thing I wish they offered on each product would be the option of having a strap, that way you can use the handles or a strap to sling if across your chest. Personally, I just adore the assortment of designs that they have on the site, thus why I couldn’t pick just one. I sat on their site for a few hours looking through each and every design, trying to pick the one I wanted most. If you’re savvy in Photoshop, you can go bat shit crazy or if you’re an amazing photographer or have a picture you really want to have on your case (perhaps of your pet or family), you can decide to use that on your case.

Curious to see a bit more about Snupped? Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Check out their LookBook!

Their products are great for anyone in school; simple slip in your device and place your case into your backpack or easily carry it with you with the handles (if you choose to put them on of course). I know once I start school, my case will most likely be a main accessory that I have every day! Pretty rad product and I’m really glad I found their site. I may want to get some cute Mini case for my phone in the future. Perhaps!

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