September Favorites

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I’m someone who tends to stick to the same routine and usage of products but lately I’ve been forcing myself to stray from the routine and try new things. And thus, I have accumulated a little list of products that I’ve recently started using and some things that I just always really like and enjoy.

Sept Favorites

Skin Care:

I’m very particular about my skin being as I’ve had acne for over 14 years and it’s the one of the main things I’m really self conscious about. It’s very rare for me to use different products on my skin being as I always fear having bad reactions or it worsening my skins condition. But, here are a few products I’ve been using and are finding to be my favorites.

4 Innate Skin Clear Skin

Innate Skin: Clear Skin Vitamins – Use the coupon code “pirate20” for 20% off your first purchase

One day I was tweeting about how I was fed up with acne and this company, Innate Skin, tweeted to me saying that it could be a deficiency in vitamins and offered to give me a sample of their product to see if it helped at all. Now, I’ve tried almost everything (except Accutane) and none of it seemed to work, or perhaps I wasn’t aware and taking or doing things properly, and so I said to myself, why not try it? And so they sent me a couple months supply and included a mask that they were still working on and said to just let them know how I liked it. Once I got the vitamin packs, I was honestly a bit nervous to try them but figured, eh what the hell, and stuck to taking them consistently every morning with my breakfast for a few months to see how it would affect my skin. Over time, I noticed that most if any breakouts were either from hormonal changes from my period or stress mainly. I feel like taking these vitamins, mixed with using my Clarasonic Mia and Lush’s Grease Lightning are the perfect mix (along with some relaxation to reduce stress and clean eating) for my skin to finally become clear and less aggravating. If you’re fed up with acne and want to give this a shot…

I say definitely go for it because it could help you tremendously but be aware that everyone may have different results, some extremely good, and some not noticeable. If you do want to try, be sure to use the coupon code “pirate20” to get 20% off of your first purchase!

5 Innate Mud Mask

Innate Skin: Vitamin Infused Mud Mask – Use the coupon code “pirate20” for 20% off your first purchase

Along with trying out the vitamin packs, they send a sample of this mask that they were testing and asked for me to give them my opinion to help them better the product in any way. I was extremely weary of any type of face mask being as most irritated my skin, broke me out, or dried out my skin which ultimately lead to breaks outs as well. But one night I decided to try it out and oh. my. goodness. It’s a natural feeling mask being as you have to stir it since its infused with vitamins and oils that are good for your skin. It smells similar to a cleanser I’ve used before from Lush, Herbalism so the scent doesn’t bother me – it’s not a bad scent at all, kind of like a green, lavender but not lavender scent if that makes any sense (I’m sorry but I’m awful at describing smells hah). Once I mixed it up, I lathered it onto my skin and it felt so soft and soothing on my skin, I immediately fell in love. It didn’t irritate my skin while it was on at all and to me, that gave it +50 yes pts to me. After about 20 minutes (they say somewhere between 15-30 minutes) I splashed some water on my face and rubbed my skin in a circular motion and rinsed the mask off while doing so. Now it does feel oily, but it’s a good type of oily feel. After rinsing, I patted my face very lightly and massaged the remaining oils onto my face. My skin felt so soft and just incredible. That next morning is where the love was solidified. My skin looked so clear aside from a tiny few scars and even they looked good! I never would do this, but that day, I only dabbed on a tiny bit of concealer, powder and went on about my day feeling really freaking good. Now they say to use this mask 1-3 times a week; I haven’t done that being as I only had a bit and really wanted to save this for special occasions. Since then, I’ve used the mask at night whenever my skin was really bad and needed some serious love and care and nights before big events or special occasions (before VidCon for example which is a Video Conference where I see a lot of my online friends, meet viewers, and am around a lot of people). If I could only have one mask ever in my life, this would be the one I choose. The way it makes my skin feel and look is something I haven’t seen before. Granted, I haven’t tried every mask under the sun, but I do know my skin tends to be very sensitive and this mask makes my face sing with joy. Honestly, try it. It may do some serious wonders for your skin as I feel it does to mine.

6 Clinique Even Better Eyes

Clinique Even Better Eyes

I’ll be honest, I don’t think I have the worst under eye dark circles or bags, but some days when I barely sleep (if at all), my under eyes can definitely show it. This is a product I impulse purchased and am so glad I did. It has a lovely metal ball tip that you use to cool down any puffiness and feels extremely soothing when putting on. I’ve used about 6-10 little tubes of this and the days I don’t use it, I feel like my under eyes look like hell.

I never wear concealer under my eyes and the formula has a bit of a tint to it that I feel acts in a way like a concealer so bam, a treatment to prevent and be rid of those sleepy eyes and in a way, a concealer for it all. I just genuinely really like this as an under eye treatment. I may end up trying other products similar to this, but I feel I will always come back to this because of how it makes my skin feel and look and I know it’s soothing and does what I need it to.

7 Essie Vanity Fairest

Essie Polish: Vanity Fairest

If you know me, you know that I don’t have the patience to wait for nails to dry. I’m the worst. Even as a kid I always used to hate doing my nails. I remember once when “tips” were a big thing in Middle School, I asked my mom and we went and had them done. Not long after they were glued to my nails, I absolutely hated waiting of them to dry and ended up ripping them all off (sorry Mom!). Not quite sure what that really has to do with painting my nails, but I felt it was a relevant story to share hah. Anywho! Being as I’m so inpatient and honestly picky with colors – it’s either black, white, or some shade of blue, I was surprised to discover this color and finish the entire bottle and now wanting to repurchase another. Now this color “Vanity Fairest” is what I would say as a very natural natural color. I see it to be very similar to the base coat of a french tip which may be one of the reasons I really like it. It looks natural, with a tiny bit of shimmer on it (but not so much that it’s just Kesha glitter crazy which I’m just not all about) which I find to be the perfect shade for everyday wear (if I have the patience to do so).

Hair Care:

I have naturally curly, thin, coarse hair. Growing up, I honestly had no idea how to properly care for it. I would shampoo my hair every single day not knowing that typically, you’re only supposed to wash your hair every other day. More specifically, for natural curlys’ like me, maybe once every week or once every two weeks. I would strip my hair of it’s natural oils and barely condition it long enough to give it any type of moisture back. I did that for years. Only recently have I been more aware of how to properly care for my hair and have been trying my best to not “wash”/shampoo it unless I absolutely need to which honestly isn’t often at all, but I do condition my hair every day. I used to always straighten my bangs and now I realize how awful it was for my hair with how I was treating it. If I straighten my hair, it would break being as it’s so coarse and brittle. Thus, I’ve been not using heat on my hair for months (and years), only straightening my hair once in a very rare blue moon. Now, I basically let my hair do whatever it wants to do (minus taming the frizz) and condition it every night when I shower. I know now that some women will wash their hair one day, then just throw their hair up in a bun while showering and not get their hair wet. If I do that though, my hair tends to get really knotted and unmanageable to my liking. And if I didn’t wet my hair and condition it, it would naturally dread a lot. If you are curious to know what my hair care routine is, please let me know! Anyways, these are some products that I’ve been using to restore and revive my hair (while also not washing and applying heat often).

1 Miracle Leave In

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin (4oz)

This is a product I’ve been told of a few times by my boyfriends mom who used to be a hair stylist. I was skeptical, spending a lot of money on something I’ll use rather quickly and may not actually do anything different to my hair. With my recent decision to restore my hair to it’s natural strength and beauty, I’d rather spend more money on less products that will actually benefit my hair and so I purchased a little 4oz ($10+) bottle to try it out. I really like it. It’s a 10 have quite a few products, some for different things. They also have a Miracle Leave-In that doesn’t have Keratin, but I know that my hair is in dire need of the protein (Keratin) and so I went with it. I will say I haven’t really noticed a tremendously giant change, but I can feel that my hair is healthier and stronger with using this product and it smells pretty good which is always a plus. I put this in first thing after my shower. It is a spray bottle which I find kind of strange. You’re supposed to spray it into your hair but I always feel like sprays like this end up missing a lot of my hairs or doesn’t properly latch onto my hairs as I wish it would. While purchasing the product, the stylist behind the counter said to spar it into my hand and then massage it into the tips and I’ve been using it that way since I find it to be indeed a much easier way. I’m definitely going back and buying the larger bottle which is I believe over $20 but if it’s properly strengthening my hair and making it healthier, I find it worth every penny.

2 Potion 10

It’s a 10 Potion 10 (Miracle Styling Potion)

While buying the Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin spray, the cashier showed me the It’s a 10 Potion 10 Miracle Styling Potion which had, at the time, just been released. I ended up going back a few days later and purchasing it as she had mentioned that I would love it since I have curly hair. Of course a girls going to go back and try that bad boy out. It was a little over $10 with taxes but I am happy I bought this as well. It’s very similar in a sense of what it does for my hair as the Miracle Leave In spray and helps combat the frizz pretty well in comparison to cheap products I’ve purchased specifically for frizz (though I will say the $2-4 DeFrizzer that I use from Suave has been my favorite for frizz). This magical potion mixed with the few other products that I use in my hair when styling – which mostly ends up as a battle against frizz and allowing the beast to do as it {mostly} pleases – is something I really like and feel makes my hair feel softer, look and feel all around healthier. If you have unmanageable hair or naturally curly hair like mine, definitely give this a chance. As I’m starting to see it, it’s better to spend a bit more for something that will help much more than buying a ton of cheap stuff that ends up doing nothing for your hair. Same goes for clothes, it’s best to buy well made clothes rather a bunch of cheap shit that will wear and tare after a few washes. Quality over quantity!

3 Anti-Breakage Keratin

Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil (3 Minutes Miraculous Recovery) by Organix

Sometimes when I’m shopping, I will be rushing to check out and stop in front of random products I’ve never seen or used before, grab ‘em and go. Almost every time that I do this, I tend to find a lucky random winner that I love. This was one of those last minute random pick up decisions and I am so glad it was. Normally with conditioners I go to things that moisturize and repair but I don’t really ever look into deep-conditioning treatments, definitely not as much as I should. I honesty didn’t notice that this was a “deep conditioning” type treatment at first, but I am so happy it is. I’ll be honest, the shiny packaging was what mostly caught my eye, along with “Keratin” being in it. Right now I feel like I should be pumping that protein into my hair to help it gain strength back. That night, I ended up using it and the next day, it was raining. With naturally curly hair, it’s basically my weather man. If there’s a drop of humidity or moisture in the air, it will let me know by frizzing up. I’m pretty sure we’ve almost all seen some of the Garnier Fructis commercials with the lass that resembles a lion asking us “tired of frizzy hair?” or something like that (here, here, and here are some of the commercials I mean hah). That’s pretty much my life. But that day after using this product, I didn’t have any frizz or at least far more than I normally do on a good day. I was amazed. This 3- Minute Miraculous Recovery has Keratin and Argon Oil in it so it’s supposedly really great for your hair. I have no complaints with it and feel it helps tame the beast far more than other conditioners I’ve used before. Plus I love that a little goes a long way with this. Once I finish it up, I’m definitely repurchasing this bad boy.


10 Dannon Greek Yogurt

Dannon Oikos BlackCherry and Raspberry Greek Yogurt and

I won’t say too much about these other than, you need to try them. If you like cherry and/or raspberry and yogurt, definitely try this. When greek yogurt was becoming “a thing” with society, I tried one of my mom’s Chobani greek yogurt duo thing and absolutely hated it. Recently however, my boyfriends mom had me try one of hers and I really liked it so I went and bought the Black Cherry and Raspberry (along with a few others) and fell in love with both of them. I went back to repurchase some more and found they even have a Chocolate Top Raspberry one and oh my goodness. Magical. Delicious. Perfecto!

Pita and hummus

Pita Bread and Hummus (Tribe Sweet Roasted Red Pepper) and

You honestly can’t go wrong with basic Pita Bread and any Hummus flavor that may interest you. Pita breads a fun light bread that I love eating with my personal favorite, the Sweet Roasted Red Pepper hummus. While I was in Seattle recently, I ate at a cute Mediterranean restaurant with my boyfriend and friends and had some of the best fresh hummus there that once I got back, I had to have some for my everyday consumption. Hummus is made of chick-peas and if you’re typically grabbing a bag of chips, those delicious Cheetos or anything that’s probably not best for you, give this mixture a try. I introduced my boyfriend and his mom to it and they love it now too. It’s a much healthier snack option and there are so many different flavors of hummus, I’m sure you’ll find one if not many you like. Thank you mom for having this in the house while growing up and showing me such a wonderfully yummy snack.


8 Nokia Bluetooth Speaker

Nokia NFC BlueTooth

Okay, I’ll be honest. These bad boys are my boyfriends, but I’m totally taking them from him because holy crap these speakers are amazing. (Don’t worry, he has quite a few different ones of his own that he uses and obviously I’m not taking them, just using them). While living on our own, my boyfriend and I would always switch off who got to use them. I loved placing one in our bedroom and one in the bathroom while I was getting ready that way while moving around, I would have music that seemed to be surround sound (but technically not). The sound that comes out of them is fantastic and the fact that they’re bluetooth and portable it amazing as well. I would charge ‘em up and they could last a while without being plugged up. I love having them on with relaxing tunes or some EDM softly in the background to help give a really nice vibe in the room while I’m working or getting ready. I just honestly really love these speakers.


Clue (App)

Sorry boys, but ladies, we all know how frustrating that time of the month can be. Some of us keep track of our cycles, some don’t. I’ve always been someone who keeps track, marking down the start of my week in hell on earth on my calendar each month. I recently discovered this app and absolutely love it. Not only will it keep track of the first day I get my period, but it will tell me typically when it will end, my most fertile time (if I were planning to make the babies which I’m definitely not but it’s always good to know), when I will have PMS and it lets me put in different things like the flow of my period, my mood, sex drive, temperature, tags and a few other things. I honestly really like those features being as you can look back and get a good sense of what’s normal for your body each month and note when anything different happens and it gives you an all around better idea about your body and it’s cycle. So if you’re a lass, this may be a useful app for you and your (what I call) bitch of the month because lets be honest, she is a bit of a bitch.


The Tudors

The Tudors

This show slightly reminds me of Game of Thrones. I have a love for Jonathan Rhys Meyers and was tweeting about it and one of my followers mentioned this show so of course I had to check it out. I immediately fell in love being as it’s a story telling bits and pieces of history and bringing the past to life while giving a beautiful human the crown as King. There’s sex, gorgeous men and women, drama, battles, love, and so much telling the story of King Henry VIII. I really enjoy it, though while living with others I have to turn the volume down so they don’t think I’m watching some weird porno hah.

The Flash

The Flash

This is a new show that just was released but is bouncing off of a character that was featured in the show Arrow. I absolutely LOVE how super hero movies and shows are connecting to one another in little ways, making it so that everyone and everything is happening all at the same time but in different places – if that makes sense. If you’re an action-super-hero-loving person like me, with a pinch of love, this is definitely for you. If you’re unsure, check out the pilot and see if it’s your taste. I love shows like these.

New GIrl

New Girl

Zooey Deschanel. Oh my dear goodness she is fantastic in so many ways. This is a show about a chick living with 3-4 other dudes and their own little bits and bobs in between. It’s a fun, relatable comedy that I love watching. I remember I found the show and binged like crazy. One thing that proves it’s worth watching is my boyfriend, someone who really doesn’t care for shows or anything entertainment wise (movies, games, etc) sat down and watched a few episodes with me when he was free and laughed quite a lot while watching. This show’s a winner to me!

Marvel Agents of SHEILD

Marvel Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D

Bringing it back to superhero stuff. If you’re a Marvel fan and have seen The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and a few others, you’ll appreciate the little connections this show makes to things happening in some of the movies. The show alone I feel is fantastic with some awesome action, badassery, nerdiness, sexy love, secrets, and a desire to know more. Definitely worth a shot!



I love Batman. He’s my absolute favorite super hero with Iron Man closely behind. This is a show that starts with Bruce’s parents being killed and the growth of him, the villains, and all sorts of dark goodness that I’m so excited to see more of. It is a fairly new show and has only just begun, but that only means you can join this fun ride early on. I love stories that start back to the beginning and shows you different angles and aspects of the story. Love this.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

Gah I am a sucker for fairytale stories. And boy does this show fill me up with joy every time it comes on. The connections to the classic fairytale stories, the way that each is interconnected and just beautifully put together blows my mind in so many ways. I absolutely love the writing of this show. Though the CGI sometimes could use some work, I look past that and see my childhood stories become reality in a way that makes them feel like everyday people yet still magical. Recently they added in the story Frozen and oh my goodness Grayson, I’m soooo excited to see how everything is put together. I love Frozen, and they way they’re connecting it to the rest of each characters stories and the actors/actresses’ playing the parts are so fitting and just magnificently performed in my eyes. It’s a show you want to start from the beginning and thankfully Netflix has that covered for you, so go binge my friends, binge away.



Ahhh Arrow. I honestly started watching this show because I just wanted a filler show, something to listen to in the background that was filled with action and it caught my interest because of, well, the arrows. I’m a sucker for anything with bows and arrows, just my weapon of choice of epicness. After a couple of episodes, I started to get into it and now absolutely love it because of the character growth and main story that is slowly unfolding with Oliver Queen’s missing 5 years. And uh! I’m a sucker for cute relatable love stories and this has me all giddy sometimes (don’t worry for those of you that don’t care for it, it’s not that distracting from the fun kick-ass action). I also really admire the actor Stephen Amell and his parkour skills as he handles most if not all of his stunts on the show which I just applaud with the admiration for dedication, handwork and skills. Not to mention he’s quite a nice man to look at. I will say I definitely had to give this show time to really sink in and for me to like, but that could have been because I was constantly doing other things while I had it on. Regardless, I love it now!

And so those are all of my current favorites that I have put together currently. There are definitely a lot mrs products and things in general that I really enjoy and like, but these described are all my current favorites for now. I’m trying to push myself to try different things and stray from the comfort of my typical routine, so if you have any products or things that you’ve recently discovered or just generally like and enjoy, please do share them with me! If you want to try or check out any of the things mentioned, don’t be scared, go for it! You may find a new favorite for yourself :)

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