Senses Killed

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Drums banging in my ears with a faint ringing in the distance. I can no longer grasp the senses I once held so closely. Its as though I’m standing in a crowd that won’t stop trying to talk over one another. Louder and louder, the voices grow and my mind begins to feel more and more like it’s going to explode. I’m watching people run and move about, fast paced, as though running from a wild train. It’s so loud to the point where you can barely hear anything at all, becoming nothing but a blur.

My mind goes to prove it is the wild train, constantly in motion, unable to grab traction of the tracks beneath it. It won’t stop, it can’t stop. There’s far too much surrounding me, far too many things triggering different emotions and thoughts to the point where I can’t even handle the amount of pressure that’s somehow being applied to my brain. It’s impossible for me to hear anything, not even my own self, speaking, trying to scream to myself on what it is I need to do. My body moves without me commanding it to, leading me somewhere, who knows where.

It’s to the point where I feel as though at any given moment, my mind will truly explode, my body will halt, my face will dim, and almost as though I was turned off, I will fall to the ground unknowing of anything from there on out.

There’s no emergency break, there’s no escape. Some point, now or later, this train, my mind, will just crash and everything will fall to pieces.

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