How to Pack Light and Pack for Travels

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So packing light and packing in general for trips can be a hassel, but there are some simple tips and tricks to remember to help ease the stress of packing. I kinda’ just jumbled everything together and I’m going to tell you how I packed for VidCon 2011.

First things first: You need to know how long you’re going away, how the weather will be while you’re there, and whether or not you’re staying at a hotel.Next thing, make a list of all of the things you use¬†throughout¬†your daily routine and cross off anything you don’t necessarily need to bring with you. Lists are awesome and having what you need written down can not only help you figure out what you may need, but also help you figure out what may be missing when you feel you’ve finished fully packing.

Almost all hotels will provide you with some type of soap, a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner, and the rooms most times tend to have a hair dryer.

Now depending on the days you’re staying, you’ll want to pre-plan outfits for each day and occasions you may encounter. For women, this may be a bit harder being as we most times tend to want to accessorize and never have too little. Keep in mind you’re almost always able to go to a local store to purchase necessities or clothes. Try to keep your clothing to a minimal, but have enough to suffice for each day and at least one outfit for any type of party or night-time fun!

When it comes to your bathroom stuff, depending on how you’re traveling, you’ll want to keep that down to a minimal as well. If you’re flying and plan to only carry your bathroom stuff along with you on the plane as a carry on, you’re only allowed to have no more than 3 fl oz of each product. I highly suggest going to your local Wal Mart or Target to get some of those travel sized containers.

When you’re going through security at an airport, always remember you’ll be asked to remove your shoes, belts, hoodies/sweatshirts/jumpers, jewelry (possibly) and to place your phones, computers and electronics in separate bins. When flying, it’s really best to just wear comfortable clothes that don’t require a belt and shoes that are really easy to take off and place back on.

If you’re wanting to fit everything in a single backpack while flying, try to pack and fold your clothes as tight as possible, then place your necessities for bathroom stuff if you need them, then electronics. Try to keep everything at a minimal and focus on fitting everything in. You don’t need to bring that extra pair of jeans, shoes, and what have you. Think about what you’ll be doing on your trip and really focus on what you know you’ll need to survive and feel comfortable.

Alright now here’s how I packed for VidCon 2011. I know that the event I’m going for is 2 days, thus needing two main outfits, I know I’ll be walking, thus comfortable shoes, and that we’re staying for a total of 5 days in California.

This is a little purse I bought from Target for about $8. I decided to get one so I could comfortably fit all my little necessities for myself on the plane and for the event. I know my boyfriend will ask me to hold his phone and camera, thus I need a simple place to hold those things. Along with it, I’ll be holding gum, business cards, perfume to freshen up, hand sanitizer, my wallet, ID’s, and what not. For the plane, I’m definitely going to have a book to keep me busy, my gameboy that my friend Garrett gave to me to play, a pair of headphones to listen to music, and my two favorite skin care products (Click here to see what they are!) being as I know I’ll get breakouts while on the plane because of the nasty air.

Next up: my clothes. I have three pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, two tee-shirts, a dress shirt, a few tank tops and two throw overs. I know I’m really picky depending on how I feel and look that day, thus allowing myself some extras to mix and match with. My boyfriend isn’t that approving, but it all fits, it’s light and simple! If you’re going to have a suitcase, be sure to have it less than 50lbs! That’s most often the weight maximum for your stuff!

Next up, I have two pairs of shoes and two belts. The white pair is for a more-dressy occasion and the flip flops are for my every day use.

Things you’ll definitely need, underwear/boxers, a bathing suit depending on the weather and for women, bras! :D

The two bags are the to that my boyfriend and I are going to place in our suitcase for our bathroom stuff. The little blue bottle near the brown bag is the perfect dispenser that’s 3 fl oz for bathroom necessities. I also have a few buttons that I know I want to hand out to people on our trip and some jewelry. I decided in the end, being as the room has a blow dryer, not to bring mine. But always think about what you know you’ll possibly need and double check everything to know you won’t forget something important at home!

Carry On Bag! I’m using a basic backpack. You’re allowed to have one carry on bag that should be able to fit under your seat or in the above compartment, as well as a small purse or hand bag for yourself. I’m going to have my electronic chargers, my computer, a sweatshirt and any access things that may be too heavy for my suitcase.

All in all, once you get used to it, packing for trips can be super fun and easy! Just know what you really need and try your best to expect what you’ll possibly need. I still haven’t figured out how to fold your clothes the best to save room in your bag, but hopefully I will soon! Best of luck to you and your future travels! :D

Here’s my vid that I made in regards to traveling :D

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