Packing for VidCon

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Packing for VidCon can be pretty simple. Being as the event is commonly ranging between 2-3 days, you’ll be able to pack remotely light.

Here’s a few things I highly suggest bringing (along with your basic stuff):

– Gum: You’re going to be talking to a lot of people (Hopefully!) and you don’t want your breath to stink. Also be sure to brush your teeth regardless to if you have gum or not!
– Hand Sanitizer: You’ll shake a lot of hands while your there and the VidCon Plague is infamous to spread amongst all of us, so prepare! As long as you wash your hands before and after you eat as well as before you touch anything that may potentially go near or in your mouth, you’ll be fine. Hand Sanitizer can prevent the plague from spreading.
– Business Cards: They’re a great way to have all your information (name, youtube channel, twitter and whatever else you’d like) together to hand out to anyone you meet. It’s an awesome way to help others remember who you are. If you meet someone there, don’t be scared to give them on of your cards! It’s a pain to try and say your Channel to someone and write it down. Even if you can’t get high-class business cards, feel free to make your own. If anything, making them yourselves and making them super creative can help someone remember you better. Just make sure you have the information you’d want them to know (Don’t put your phone number, address and what not on there obviously!)
– Snacks: It may be hard to get our snacks through the airport in a carry on, but once you get to the hotel, search for a nearby market/pharmacy/food store where you can walk and buy a few snacks to have for yourself while you’re there. Unfortunately, they can’t provide thousands of people with food and you will get hungry while you’re there. If you can have a few snacks to bring along with you while you’re at the event to snack on, you’ll be ok for the day. Depending on the sponsors, they may also have a few drinks in coolers throughout the floor for you to have for free which is awesome – but that really does depends.
– Money: You definitely need money. You’ll need to be able to have money for yourself (i.e food, drinks, lunch, dinner, breakfast, etc.) and if you’re looking to buy a shirt while you’re there from a favorite YouTuber, it’s best to have that money with you at all times.
– Camera: It’s a YouTube convention! You’ll want to have a camera to either vlog/video the event or take pictures of the people and places you go! Unless you’re planning on filming a serious video while you’re there (that would need some type of fancy camera other than a small hand-held one), try to just have the basic simple camera for ease.

Now when it comes to packing clothes, have at least three outfits picked out. Be sure to pack for hot and chilly weather. California weather can vary, but it’s never humid. At night, it can get really cold, to the point where a sweatshirt and jeans can suffice if you’re outside, and during the day, some shorts and a tee are perfect. Keep that in mind and be sure to look at the weather for the days you’ll be there when that time rolls around. Try and pack your cloths in regards to that.

Clothes/Attire to Bring:
– 3 Daily Outfits
– 2 Sweatshirts/Throw overs to keep you warm
– Underwear (and under garnets) to suffice the amount of days you’ll be there
– Shoes that are comfortable to wear (you’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing)
– 1 Fancy Outfit (for any type of party or fancy wear)

After that, all you need to do is decide what you may want to wear/bring just in case that you decide to change up your mind last minute what you’d like to wear. Along with any type of bathroom materials you’ll need (tooth brush is vital!).

For us women, it may be a bit harder to decide what to bring along with you, but be scarce and try to keep everything as light as possible. It’ll save your $25 when it comes to flying if you just have a carry on and a small personal bag (like a purse or hand bag). Just a fun little tip!

I’ll try my best and update this as I come up with other things for you guys, but I hope this helps!

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