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Every year on December 17th, a majority of the YouTube community take part in Project for Awesome which was started by Hank and John Green of the Vlogbrothers back in 2007.

The Project for Awesome is an annual event on YouTube in which thousands of video creators make videos supporting their favorite charity. Anybody is allowed to participate – simply make a video about a charity you support and post it on YouTube on December 17th. Then tune into the livestream and join in the commenting and donating fun. DFTBA!

Now there are so many charities that are truly amazing and I wish I could donate and promote each and every one of them as they all do what they can to help the cause they’re fighting for. But here are four of my favorite charities. Anything can help so if you can, check out these charities and donate what you can to help. I also suggest looking into other charities that are for great causes and can help all around the world that may be featured here –


American Heart Association

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My dad has lived with heart disease since the age of 8. And at the very early age of 19 back in 1962, he has his first open heart surgery and since then has had two more. Now at the age of 69, he has a defibrillator, a pace maker and a mechanical St Judes Mitral Valve.

All of those said devices help his heart and keeps him alive; one pumps blood through to his heart, one will help restore the natural rhythm of his heart when it’s experiencing cardiac arrest, and the other will in fire electrical shocks to put his heart into a proper beating rhythm.

My dad’s been incredibly lucky throughout his life and grew up alongside research which has led to so many technological advances in medicine. These machines have saved my dad and kept him alive multiple times.

Due to the efforts of organizations like the American Heart Association (A.H.A.), he has been able to see me and my brother grow up and pursue our dreams, and has been able to see my older brother and sister raise their families and enjoy his grandchildren.

If it weren’t for the extensive research on the heart, my dad, a truly fantastic man, wouldn’t be alive and nor would I. I am so grateful for organizations like the American Heart Association as their research and efforts have kept him alive.

The American Heart Association is an organization that, through donations, is able to perform research on the heart as well as many other issues (such as strokes which my father has also had a few years ago).

Most of us don’t realize how vital our heart’s health is and take advantage of it daily. My father has fought to live and the American Heart Association has made it possible for him to do so, as well as so many others.

AHA also helps improve the access for emergency care, access to care to build healthier lives, treatments and rehabilitation for patients who’ve suffered from strokes, and so many other key issues that are so important to the general overall health.

There are different ways you can contribute to help the American Heart Association continue their efforts. Even if it’s just donating a dollar, you’re helping save so many and possibly even yourself.

There are multiple places online that you can read more about the AHA and I strongly advise you do to so as their efforts have helped so many.

We all want to live, to thrive, and to survive. We all may have different reasons, different goals and different ways we want to go about living, but there is one thing we all share in common and is so important to each and every one of us; a heart.

American Heart Association YouTube Channel –
American Heart Association Facebook –
American Heart Association Twitter –

To learn more about what my dad personally has, here’s some links to the devices he has:
Mechanical St Judes Mitral Valve



Donate Here

There are so many precious creatures that are neglected and abused every single day that are helpless and dependent on the hands that abuse them.

And some people breed animals for money, doing so in the worst of areas; tight cages, stacked on top of each other, completely neglecting their all around health and using them.

Most animals are helpless against humans and can’t properly defend themselves when it comes to abuse. That’s where we have to step in and take action to help save their lives before someone takes it from them.

ASPCA is the organization that sets out to stand up for these helpless animals and to save their lives. Their mission: “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.

I’m a total animal lover and it kills me to know there are people in this world who neglect, abuse, and don’t properly care for their animals.

I personally own a pit bull, a breed that is constantly unrightfully stereotyped. I absolutely love my dog and will do anything I can to provide the best life for him. It kills me to see the things some people do to their “pets” and how unfortunately, their actions often lead to the death of a sweet creature that just wanted to be loved.

Sometimes I wish I had some sort of super power so I could go around and save each and every animal that needs to be saved and helped. And it is one of my heart-set goals to open a shelter to take in animals in need to help prevent such problems.

I’d really like for you to read a bit more on the ASPCA and donate what you can, even if it’s just a dollar, to help stop such horrible things. There are so many sweet faces, kind hearts and caring souls within these animals that are hurt in so many ways. They deserve a chance to live, just as we do, and it is only right to do what we can to help and save those in need.

Please do check out some info and donate to the ASPCA.

ASPCA YouTube Channel –
ASPCA Facebook –
ASPCA Twitter –


P4A OutReachInternationalOutReach International

Donate Here
Shop Here

There are charities that will collect donations and give to those in need in direct ways, like clothes, food, and water which is not a bad thing at all, however, those goods can only last so long.

When it comes to revitalizing a community, helping people grow and advance in life, it’s vital to give goods that will sustain them. Rather a water bottle of fresh water, give them a well to provide them the technology for clean water, rather some simple food, give live stock to help make and grow food.

Outreach international does exactly that. Their mission is to help improve and invest the lives of those in poverty in currently 14 impoverished countries. Instead of handouts, they provide people with supplies that can help them grow.

They’ve been working with marginalized people living in poverty, helping each person create and new and brighter future for themselves and their villages.

There are so many ways you can help and better the lives of those living in poverty.

They have an online store so you can donate a set amount of money and know exactly where and what your money will be providing and going to. Or if you’d like, you can just simple donate money to the charity in general.

If you’d like to learn a whole lot more about the charity, you can head over to their website where they have a lot of information.

OutReach YouTube Channel –
OutReach Facebook –
OutReach Twitter –


P4A KivaKiva

Start Lending Here

Kiva is a way for you to lend money to borrowers around the world. Now that may sound sketchy, but keep listening. These borrowers are people living in poverty striving to make a better life for themselves but most times a small amount of money stand in their way for them to achieve their dreams.

Some stories are like a farmer in Kenya that needs a little bit of money to double their grain production or to help someone in Bolivian to pay for their nursing tuition.

Kiva basically helps you become as though a “bank” for these people in poverty. You loan an amount of money to those in need, and once the borrowers accomplish what they’re striving to do and can pay you back, you receive your money back. You loan, they grow, and then repay you for the money you lent them.

If you’ve ever heard of Kick Starter, it’s very similar to that, except this helps those in need with the money to help them grow and better themselves.

This is a great way to help those already thriving to better their lives and others afford to do what they need to do to achieve their dreams and goals. We need people in the world who have the ambition to achieve, to build, to learn and grow to better their communities and the lives of those around them. Lending to one may end up helping and bettering an entire community. Whether it be a person wanting to learn to be a doctor so they can aid those in their community or perhaps helping someone create something that could greatly affect the living conditions for their community.

Kiva YouTube Channel –
Kiva Facebook –
Kiva Twitter –

Be sure to check out the Project For Awesome Tumblr and their YouTube Channel.

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