Night Unforgotten

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The night was all but a blur to me as I ran up the stairs after a day of shopping with my mother and brother. My dad had just gotten home from work so I was expecting him to be ready for me to show off my new items.

Once opening the door, I completely forgot about what I wanted to show him.

My father was standing in the kitchen fidgeting with his trousers and their coat hanger. He looked up, seeming unsure of what he was doing. It looked as though he was putting his pants on their hanger, getting ready to place them in his closet. However, why was he in the kitchen rather his bedroom taking care of his daily after-work tasks?

My mother flew past me as I stood in the doorway and flung her arms around his barely clothed back. She quickly ordered me to hand her the phone and I promptly responded by doing so. By the age of 8, it was already programmed in my mind to do as I was told if something remotely seemed off with my dad. She slowly grabbed his clothes from his hands and carefully guided him to sit down by the fireplace in our family room, which sat right next to the kitchen. Perhaps she clothed him or placed the clothes on the couch as she passed by, or perhaps she dropped them where she stood holding him, I don’t remember. But how my father was, I remember.

His entire body was shaking, as though he was cold or as some would say, having a mild seizure. His eyes kept looking to my mother. My brother and I slowly walked to them as we heard my mothers voice speak frantically into the phone. An ambulance was on it’s way, we could hear the sirens in the distance. My brother and I huddled close, watching my father closely and listening to my mothers every command.

Suddenly, my fathers eyes met mine, and he reached out to me through them. While in the arms of my mother, he struggled to get the words out of his mouth.

“Kids I’m going to be alright. I love you.” Those were the words he struggled so hard to say to us just before the police officer and EMTs came running into our house. His words came out jumbled and muttered. But just has they placed him on the stretcher, I realized what he had said and called out to him, saying “I love you”.

The rest lays as a blur in my memory. My father was driven off by the ambulance, sirens wailing as they sped off. Neighbors came quickly to our assistance as my mother assigned us a neighbor to stay with. My brother seemed more confused than I, but I told him the words my father had been trying to tell us.

Later that week we learned of what happened. My dad had a stroke. I will never forget the way his body shook, how his eyes looked so vacant, the words he tried to speak to my brother and I, and the fear and worry in my mothers eyes and voice.

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