Mini Donuts for Cheap! (+ kool aid popsicles)

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In our Daily Vlog, we made some mini donuts (and Kool Aid Popsicles) and I decided I might as well put up the recipe for everyone. So let’s jump into it!

What you’ll need is:
– buttermilk biscuits (you can get the cheap brand)
– ground cinnamon
– sugar (you can also use confectioners sugar)
– a bowl
– a plate
– a large spoon (that has holes so the oil can seep through)
– a smaller spoon (this will be for mixing your donuts in the sugar/cinnamon mix)
– a Fry Daddy (Deep Fryer) with some oil (preferably the healthiest and best type of oil you have available to bake/cook with)

If you don’t want to buy a Fry Daddy/have a deep fryer, you can always get a frying pan and place the oil in it (with the stove on medium high).

Okay! What you need to do first is set your fry daddy/frying pan/deep fryer on medium high (or just turn it on).

Next, take the buttermilk biscuits and make tiny holes in the middle of them. You can use a bottle cap or your finger can suffice. Just make a hole like you see in your typical donut and you can always work with what you feel is best or how you’d like to have it.

Once you have all your biscuits made into little doughy, uncooked donuts, take the bowl and mix approximately the same amount of sugar and cinnamon together in the bowl. This will be for your donuts to be rolled in immediately after. Make sure they’re blended together really well. You can always put whatever you like on your donuts, however these are the ones we made. I personally would prefer sugar and very little cinnamon so go with what you’d like and judge your amounts by how many donuts you’re going to make.

Try and set up a little assembly line of a sort prior to starting the donut making operation. I find it easiest to have the donuts on the far left of the Fry Daddy, the bowl of cinnamon and sugar mixed to the right of the Fry Daddy and a empty plate for the finished products to the right of the bowl, with the larger holed spoon next to the fry daddy so that I can move in a quick, swift fashion. (Donuts, Fry Daddy, Sugar/Cinnamon Coating, Finished). You will make a tiny bit of a mess so prepare to clean up a bit afterwards, but it’s so worth it!

Okay now that everything’s set, just drop as many donuts as you can fit in the deep fryer, wait about 5-7 seconds, flip them over and wait another 8-10 seconds (until they’re a nice tan/brown) and remove them from the deep fryer and quickly place them in the bowl and mix the donut with the sugar to have it coat them. I find it easiest to do them one by one though it takes time, you know you’ll get everyone the way you want them. If you put a few in at a time, you can chance leaving them in for too long which will just burn them lightly but even then, they’re still good.

Once you have the donuts coated the way you want them to be with the sugar and cinnamon, place them on the plate and let them cool. Do this to all of the donuts and you’ve got yourself some yummy quick desert!


This is a pretty simple and easy recipe but I figured why not put this up as well.

What you need:
– kool aid packet x2 (your own flavor choice)
– a clean, empty ice tray
– popsicle sticks/tooth picks
– a pitcher (to have the kool aid in
– sugar (about 2 cups)
– a mixing spoon
– tin foil/plastic wrap

First, pour the kool aid packets into the pitcher, mix it with the two cups of sugar and then fill the pitcher with water. Once that’s done, mix up the water, sugar and kool aid together with your mixing spoon until you can tell there aren’t any sugar/kool aid clumps.

Once you have your kool aid, carefully pour little by little into each slot in your ice tray(s). Once you have that done, take the pitcher and place it in the fridge to cool. After that, you don’t have to do this step but it makes it so much easier for you, place the tin foil/plastic wrap over the ice tray carefully so it’s covered.

Then take your popsicle sticks/tooth picks and place them into each section of the ice tray or pierce each one through the foil/wrap so that they stand up in each little section.

Once that’s done, CAREFULLY place the tray in the freezer (it’s best to make sure there’s enough room in your freezer before hand!) and let it cool over night or for a few hours. You can check back after 3 hours and see how they’re doing (you can take the wrap off after about 2 hours so the sticks are frozen into the kool aid and won’t move if you take it off).

Once they’re done, take off the wrap/foil and enjoy!

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