Lost Soul of Bunny – Written 2005

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NOTE: The following was a story that I wrote in third person way back in 2005 for a middle school paper. Why not share it! :P

“I’m sorry dear. He’s gone,” her mother cried. Tears ran down her face as she looked down upon her rabbit’s corpse. She held his body in her hands, crying upon the towel. Grayson held that rabbit so dearly to her heart, like her own child.

Grayson awoke with an oozing pain in her stomach. Today was the day of her friend’s bar mitzvah. She crawled out of bed and began to get ready for the party. The oozing pain continued but just keeps getting worse. She felt her stomach just wanting to reject everything in it. She rushed quickly into the bathroom, bent over and let it all out. The nasty feeling of it just made her sicker. When she got up, she went into her room and continued to get ready. After applying her eyeliner and some final touches, she went down stairs for a bite to eat. Her stomach still in pain, she tried to eat, but she just couldn’t.

Her mother turned to her, “Grayson, you have to eat”

“Mom, I’m not feeling good. I threw up this morning,” responded Grayson with a moan of sickness. She trudged into her family room and plopped herself on the couch. She then pulls the strength to pick herself up and walks over to her rabbit. She slowly and carefully lifted up the top of his cage and extends her arm to pet her rabbit Peter (also known as Bunny). As she stroked his long fur coat, she noticed that he was missing some hair. Shedding perhaps? Grayson thought. Still unsure, she told her mom.

“Mom, something I think is wrong with Peter… he’s missing hair,” Grayson told her mother.

“No, nothing’s wrong with him. He’s just shedding,” responded her mother.

“I guess,” replies Grayson. All of a sudden, the pain again in her stomach, she rushed to the bathroom and shortly returned.

“I’m so not feeling good today, Madre,” she said to her mother in a slight bit of Spanish. “Maybe I shouldn’t go. I could get someone sick if it’s that bad, ” she continued.

“Nahh, you can go,” replied Grayson’s mom, just ignoring her. Her brother soon comes trudging down the stairs all set to go in his new tux.

“What is going on down here? It sounds like a mad house… a throwing up madhouse,” questioned her brother.

“Oh, absolutely nothing Chance. I’m just getting sick blowing chunks all over the floor. Quite nasty don’t you think?” teased Grayson.

“Ewe, nasty!” exclaimed Chance, backing up at that. Grayson opened her mouth to say something, but her mom spoke first.

“Ok, no fighting you two. We have to make it to the party in one piece,” interrupted her mom before she was able to speak. “All of us.”

Grayson sighs. “Fine,” she rolled her eyes, “But I can’t promise him I won’t blow,” replied Grayson chuckling a little. She passes her brother making a fake throwing up hand gesture. Laughing, she goes back upstairs and put on her party dress, a black stretchy yet comfortable fabric with three different pink layers at the bottom, beautiful on her. She then retrieved back downstairs and was ready to go. Still with a pitiful pain in her stomach. She felt that she should stay home, like something was wrong.

“What if me throwing up is a sign… from above… like he’s telling me something is going to happen that I better be ready for. Something bad,” she told her brother.

“Grayson, you’re so weird. Superstition lady,” he said mockingly. He walked away and she laughed to herself, but yet, starting to get persuaded that it might actually be a sign. Like her stomach is telling her to stay home, that something bad is going to happen. She ignores her idea with thinking about who’s going to be there, like her good friend Kevin. That cheered her up a bit and she hops into the car after getting ready. She is sitting there, nestled in the car ready to go. Meanwhile her family isn’t ready. She reaches up to the front of the car and honks the horn. Beep! Beep!

“Let’s go people. We got a party to rock, woot woot,” exclaims Grayson. The family finally makes their way into the car and off they go to the temple. Grayson gets there and immediately sees Kevin. Almost like he was waiting for her, except he is talking to his friends. Grayson walks into the bathroom and just sits around, waiting for the service to be over. After about an hour, she gets up and walks into the service. She finds her place next to her father. She starts to listen in. The speaker is talking about a young boy who was poor and his family lived on the streets. The little boy walked into a store that had a help wanted sign in the window. Grayson closed her eyes and visualized the whole story in her head. When the speaker finished, Grayson was practically meditating with the information that she just absorbed. The little boy worked hard, and got rewarded.

By now, Grayson’s stomach pain was gone. The service was finally finished after about three hours. Grayson thought, the party is about to begin, but first a short little brunch break. She laughed at the thought of this. As she walked into the room, many adults swarmed in little group’s jibber gabbing away about work and how proud they are. A sniff of the air and the immediate sent of croissants, cookies and coffee fill the air. She met up with her friends that were at the party. She was the only girl. Not that surprising to her. When she found Kevin and friends, they were behind that bar stand thing, pressing buttons on the drink server. Right away, it began to shoot out water. He placed it back into the place and ran back to his friends. Laughing, Grayson walks over to him asking what just happened.

“I pressed a button and it just started to overflow. Look, the man’s coming to fix it. Good,” Kevin replies unsure. Grayson and Kevin shortly walk over to see the damage. Like they expected. The floor soaking wet with water and its still shooting it out! They told a parent and he instantly tried to help fix it. Then they head over to the party a short while after.

A good long 6 hours of partying, the Burger Family head back to their warm comfy home. A good day, turned bad. Grayson is the first to walk into the house, thinking everything is normal. She says her hellos to the dog and cat, then heads over to her rabbits cage. She lifts the top to find that her rabbit is just lying there, practically lifeless. She picks him up. Grayson sigh’s of relief that he’s not dead… yet. She brings him to her mother, and the family began to call the vets right away. None were open. Her father picks up the phone and dials a number, Grayson’s sister.

“Hello?” answers Nicole.

“Nicky, we need your help. Do you know any vet that’s open? Peter isn’t feeling good. Grayson’s really worried. Can you help?” questions her father as she answers the phone. They continue to talk, but Grayson doesn’t pay any attention to what they are saying. She grabs her bunny and holds him in her arms. Stroking his silk black hair, feeling his limp body. He’s not dead, but so close to it. Grayson recognizes the feeling. The limpness. Her old bunny Midnight was like this before she passed away on Grayson’s birthday. Tears fall down Grayson’s face.

“We are going to take him to the emergency vet, the one by Nicky. Its our only hope of him surviving… or at least… Him living a bit longer so I can say my goodbye,” cried out Grayson as her father and mother started to argue. Her parents both look at her with guilt.

“Ok. Lets go,” her mother says jumping out of her chair grabbing her keys and purse. Grayson runs down the stairs with Peter close to her.

“It’s going to be ok… I promise bunny. I love you. Don’t leave me right now. Please. Anything but now,” Grayson whispers to him in his ear. As she says this, tears continue to stream down her face. They get into the car and drive to her sister’s house. They pick her up and head towards the emergency vet. When they arrive, the doctor is waiting for them. They go inside and get to work immediately. Grayson fills in the sheets while the vet checks out Peter.

“Well, Peter seems to have an overgrown tooth, I can take care of that simply,” replies the vet after a short examine of him. He takes out his supplies and begins to file down the tooth. After a bit of a panic, the bunny begins to act a bit normal, begins to drink, but yet still will not eat.

“If he is not ok by morning, give me a call and you can come in and have more a check on him,” comforts the vet as he shows then their way out. “Oh, and I really hope he gets better,” he finishes speaking while rubbing Grayson’s shoulder for support.

“Thank you so much,” she replies unsure. They hop back into the car and take off for home, all hoping that the rabbit will get better. Grayson, hoping to get her spirits to rise a bit, she turns on her custom made CD. Songs of love, happiness, and sadness. She turns on some of the love songs. You’ll be in my heart is playing in the background as she cries as she pets her rabbit. Fur still feeling like silk, but his body is a bit less limp then it was before. A tiny smile falls across her face thinking he’s a bit better.

Grayson still sobbing to that fact that she feels that she let her bunny down, thinking the stomach problems that morning were signs that something was wrong, and well, the wrong was happening. Tears streaming down her cheek like a river.

Come stop your crying, it will be all right
Just take my hand, hold it tight
I will protect you from all around you
I will be here don’t you cry
For one so small, you seem so strong
My arms will hold you keep you safe and warm
This bond between us can’t be broken

And you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
from this day on Now and forever more
You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be here in my heart Always

I will be here don’t you cry
I’ll be with you
I’ll be there for you always
Always and always
Just look over your shoulder
Just look over your shoulder
Just look over your shoulder
I’ll be there always

That song playing just made Grayson cry even more. She looks outside the window; life all around, but why is it that she felt so lifeless. Streetlights, and cars with people so happy. She lays her head back and a tear falls onto her lips. She licks them. The tear is a salty love kind of tear. All of a sudden, she practically blocks out everything, besides the music and her crying. Deep hard breathes, tears falling down her face. She places her head lightly on her rabbit and sniffs in. She smell’s him. They way she will always remember him, the timothy hey from his cage, his breathe like the blueberry yogurt treats that she gives him. The song had just ended, she lifts her head up and restarts the song. She again sobs harder than before. Then, she feels something, something digging underneath her chin. Peter had placed his head underneath her chin and then pushed up with his nose, as if saying, “It’s going to be okay mommy, I’m not in pain. I’m going to be ok. I’ll go to a good place. And I will protect you. I love you mommy. It will be ok.” Tears stream down her face even harder, but a smile forms on her face, showing that she understood.

They get back home; the bunny is again, lifeless almost. Grayson bends down places him in his cage, and prays that he will be ok. She then drags herself into her room and cries herself to sleep. She wakes up the next morning, trudges into the family room, looks at her rabbit’s cage, and there was a towel, covering her rabbit. Lifeless now. Tears stream down her face. She looked to her brother, who was sitting there on the couch, crying. She walks closer to the cage, and notices a sign, made by her brother: R.I.P Peter August 28th 2005. He was a good bunny with a little picture of a rabbit. Grayson then thought to herself, “I knew something was going to happen. Why didn’t I do something? This happened to Midnight. Why me again!?” Grayson then turned to her mom. And she spoke…

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