Jan 1, 2014

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The first day to a new year which I was incredibly lucky to spend with some of my family. 2013 was a rough year for all of us and there are some rough battles to get through with some deep scars that may never heal…

In 2013, my family lost the greatest man we know; an amazing father, husband, friend, brother, and all around person. I feel like every time I mention my dad, people assume I’m pulling out the “dad passed away” card for sympathy points (which sounds absolutely awful to even say) but sincerely, he has affected me in so many ways throughout my life and thus, his passing was incredibly hard on me. Out of everyone in my family, I feel like he was the only person who really understood me and that I could connect to on a much deeper level than I can with others. Losing your biggest role model, hero, dearest friend, and father is never going to be an easy thing. I don’t want to go into everything in regards to all of my emotions and thoughts so I’ll stop myself there before I become far too emotional that words begin to jumble, I wouldn’t be able to see what I was writing and it all becomes a mess. We’ll save that for another day. For now, with the new year upon us, it’s time to focus on the positive, the future, and the world that lays before our eyes.

Anyways – back to whatever it may have been exactly that I was saying. It may seem silly, but I feel extremely happy as today I taught my 7 year old nephew how to take pictures with my Canon Rebel T3i that my boyfriend got me for Christmas (which I am so so grateful for – I seriously do not deserve it). He started pulling out toys and things to photograph and went to town. I left him alone and came back to some photos that he took of himself which were adorable. I then proceeded to teach him how to record and then the party really started. I’m not entirely sure why I wrote all about that, but I couldn’t stop smiling through it all.

Being as 2013 was the roughest year my family and I’ve had to face thus far, I’m looking ahead of myself in 2014 to be a year where I truly make a change for myself, my family, and give all that I can to the world around me.

I set out to log my thoughts or whatever really came to mind. Along the way, my minds been jumping around and quite honestly, I can’t remember exactly what I wanted to say. From here on out (from time to time) I hope to log my progress throughout this wonderful journey of life. Oooo, I should think of some kind of name for this little thing. Now let me forewarn you, I’m a bit of an emotional person who tends to just speak my mind, wear my heart on my sleeve, and just let shit fly so sometimes, these entires may be all over the place. Eh, let’s see how this all goes and hopefully I can look back, read through all of these, and see the progress within myself throughout the next year. And hopefully I can perhaps help you through your journey and any struggles you may face. Let’s see what this world has in store.

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