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Love is a truly beautiful thing. There are so many types of love, it grows in so many different ways, hits you at the most random times, and swoops you off your feet in a matter of seconds. Here’s a beautiful story of a time I encountered my first love while on a vacation with my parents and family. Let me tell you the story of my first love.

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The oceans mist brushed across my face as the wind picked up, blowing my hair wildly. My fingers wrapped around the bannister of the hotel balcony as I gazed out toward the ocean. I’m finally here. An escape from reality and time to just be me. No responsibilities, no worries. The sun was beginning to set due west, casting a gorgeous light across the sandy beaches and ocean beyond. Relaxation mode, engage.

In the distance, I could hear skateboards heading in my direction. I looked over to see two boys skating towards the park, a distance away to my left. One of them glanced up, catching my eye and slowed down as he came near the balcony. I was only up a tiny distance from the street, being on the first floor, so we had a clear view of one another. He smiled up at me as the second boy slowed down, following the firsts gaze up at me. They walked passed with their boards in hand toward the park and both smiled up to me. I blushed, smiling back, then looked back towards the ocean as they passed. A breeze picked up, giving me a chill and I returned inside my families hotel room. My parents were unpacking and getting ready for a night out with the rest of our family that were staying at the hotel with us. This was the one time throughout the year we all were able to get together, the one time of the year we were excited about, the one time of the year I would soon learn to be my personal favorite.

The following morning I woke up to the breeze of the ocean, a way I would love to wake every morning. I quickly got ready and took my position on the balcony, taking the new day in. I glanced over towards the park and could see a small group of people, around my age as far as I could tell, gathered around the jungle gym and swings. That’s odd, I’ve never saw that park so full last year, and most definitely not with people my age.

I heard one of the boys say something and waved in my direction. They were a distance away that I couldn’t see their faces, but close enough to know they all were suddenly looking towards me. I heard a knock on the door and quickly returned, answering to see my niece. She and I went and sat together on the balcony as we waited for our parents to go to the pool. I was only 12 at the time, thus restricted from running off entirely and she was far younger. As we sat and waited, we both looked over towards the park. The one boy that had said something before was now perched on the top of the slides, facing me. He put his hand up and waved, I too smile and waved back.

“Come over here!” he shouted. I was puzzled, but instantly intrigued. At that moment, my niece asked if we could go so she could play on the swings. I smiled, butterflies filling my stomach, as I took her back in to ask my dad if we could go. Thankfully the park was just outside of the hotel on the other end of the hall. My dad gave us a whole safety warning speech, and with that, we went on our way. As I walked down the steps towards the little park, I felt my palms begin to sweat, my heart began to race and I couldn’t help but smile. I was a young girl, only truly starting my interest in boys. I was nervous yet excited. Especially to the possibility of meeting new people. I took my niece to the swings, smiling to them as I passed the group of people.

The two boys that I had seen the previous day skating were there amongst the group. Once my niece and I were situated on the swings, they both approached me, introducing themselves.

“Hey, my names Todd.”
“And I’m Matt.”
“Hi, I’m Grayson.” I smiled, brushing the hair out of my face as the wind blew. Todd looked older than I by a year or two. Matt, even older. The butterflies began to flutter harder as they both stood there, smiling. A few others emerged from the group, introducing themselves.

As I scanned each face, my eyes locked with a handsome boy sporting a faded pink element shirt with curly hair. I could feel my cheeks instantly flush with color, feeling completely locked with him. Butterflies fluttered like crazy. He looked away as another boy stepped up and began naming the rest of the group. I could tell they had to be local, there were so many of them and for the time of year, there weren’t many families and people in general that flocked to the beach. School was still in session, fall was right around the corner, and the air was cooler; not the prime time for most families to vacation to a beach location.

Once introduced to everyone, some returned by the slides, Todd and Matt skated, and others dispersed. I looked down at the ground, nervous and slightly shy.

“Hey, I’m Jack.” The boy with the faded pink shirt came and took a seat on the swing next to me. As far as I could tell, he was my age.
“Hi” I said, smiling and locking eyes with him.
“Staying with your family?” He nodded in the direction of the hotel.
“Yeah, we stay here every year around this time.” I responded.
“I’ve never seen you around here before.”
“Do you live here?” I questioned. Our eyes kept locked and we both shared the same smile.
“Yep, a few blocks down. Sorry about these guys. They see a pretty girl that isn’t from here and they all want to meet her.”

I blushed from the compliment and smiled, giggling in my head being as he was amongst them.

We sat there for a while, telling one another about ourselves, smiling like two cheese balls. One of the boys teased Jack, he blushed, and my niece asked to head back to the hotel. I apologized to Jack and the rest of them, returning to the hotel with her.

Later that evening, I returned to the park and three of them still remained skating; Todd, Matt, and Jack. We all decided to check out the arcade which was in my hotel and explored some of the hotel together. This was the first time my parents were okay with me exploring alone. I was thrilled, knowing I could do whatever without having them breathe down my neck. Of course I still had to be careful, but at the age of 12, I felt pretty damn good, especially having not one, but three attractive boys with me.

I began to feel nervous wandering the ground floor through the maids area. They all clearly have done this before, going through places they shouldn’t have been, and I followed along, never once being away from my parents for this length of time without being watched by them.

While walking through the halls, Jack took my hand and my heart began to race. The warmth of his hand was comforting, his eyes entrancing, and his smile was just perfect. I could tell he was unlike any boy I’ve ever met and little did I know I would never meet another like him.

I began to feel a pulse of excitement with each step, skipping along through the halls and secret passageways. Aside from the occasional skipping class for a few minutes with friends in school halls, I’ve never felt any form of independence like I did then at the time. Three strangers and myself, exploring and having fun without parental supervision and concern.

Eventually, that ended. My mom ended up calling, ordering me to return to the room so we could go out for dinner. I was saddened, having to leave after finally truly escaping and having fun.

“I’ll be here when you get back. We can continue talking then. Plus we have a few more days together.” Jack turned to me as Todd and Matt skated back towards the park. His eyes sparkled as he uncontrollably smiled wide. I couldn’t help but do the same myself, falling in love in with a simple glance, a brave step, and a matter of moments.

Later that night when I returned to my balcony, sure enough, Jack was there. He was riding his bike up and down the sidewalk.

“Jack!” I called to him. The wind blew a calm breeze past me in his direction. He spotted me and rode quickly to me.
“Can you come down?”
“My mom won’t let me,” I frowned, almost teary eyed as all I wanted to do was spend time with him. Something inside of me pulled me towards him, this magnetic force of some kind, drawing me to him. My body was tense, tingling and fluttering with nerves and excitement. The oceans mist sprinkled my face as the waves crashed quietly against the shore.
“No worries, I can reach you.” He parked his bike below the balcony. I wrapped my fingers on the rail, looking down to him, watching as he maneuvered his way to balance on his bicycle seat.
“Won’t you fall?”
“I’ll be fine.” He smiled up to me as his hair flowed from the breeze. I let go of the rail and laid down on the balcony, reaching through the bars for his hands.

I could have gotten lost in his eyes for days if I was given the chance. The night was quiet, holding only our voices in the air as the waves purred. Calming, beautiful sounds, creating this aura around us, nothing disturbing what we had. He stood there on top of his bike for hours, keeping our hands interlaced, whispering about our lives and dreams to one another, taking our eyes off one another rarely. My cheeks begin to feel numb from smiling so much.

“You only live three hours away. Maybe when you go back home I can take a bus to see you once schools out.” He searched my eyes as he spoke.
“That would be amazing. I wish I lived here. It’s beautiful here.”
“I wish you did too.”

From the moment we set eyes on one another that day, we knew. We didn’t want to be away from one another. All I wanted was to be in his arms, placing my lips on his, losing myself within him. He was my first love and I would never forget him and I never wanted to.

We spoke for hours that night, how he stood on his bike the entire time without complaining a single time amazes me. He held himself up to rest his head next to mine on the balcony, slowly falling asleep as we held hands.

We both wished that night could never end, but he had to return home early that morning. I stood there as he left, watching him ride off into the fog. He looked back at me, smiling. Once I could no longer see him, I stood there, taking in the salty air, listening to the waves, the silence of the world around me. This, this is love. Endless love. I smiled to myself, watching the waves for a while, then returning to my bed inside. Tomorrow .

That morning, I heard a knock on the door, expecting my nephews or niece to go and play. My mom answered the door to a boy she had only just briefly met the previous night.

“Hello, I’m Jack. May I come in?” He smiled gently, looking past my mom to me.
“Come on in! Nice to finally meet you face to face rather through a balcony,” my mom smiled and returned to what she was doing. Jack sat down next to me on my bed and joined me as I watched morning cartoons.
“What would you like to do today?” he asked, locking eyes with me. I smiled.
“Anything!” I don’t care if I only just met him. This is everything I want and I know whatever it may be, it’s right. He spent the day with my family and me, meeting everyone and helping me entertain some of the fellow young teens and kids by the pool.

“Let’s play hide and seek!” One of them said. With the permission from the parents, Jack and I took some of my cousins, nephews, and niece into the hotel.
“Okay, safe place if you get scared, back out to the pool, this is the way. No matter where you go, stay in this wing of the hotel. Only up and down these two halls,” I set the rules for them, signaling the two halls we were in the middle of.
“We want to seek!” Two sisters spoke in unison. I smiled to Jack.
“Okay, go!”

They scattered, some taking the elevators, some the stairs. Jack and I ran through the hall, hanging left, taking the stairway straight up. Out of excitement and curiosity, I took the stairs to the very top. I started winding up the staircases quickly, taking a sharp turn toward a door leading to the roof when I was suddenly frightened by a giant statue of a dog at the top. I screamed stumbling backwards, tripping on the step behind me. Jack quickly caught me, keeping me from falling down the flight of stairs we just flew up. He held me close, making sure I was okay.

I burst into laughter as I realized what happened and fell further into his arms, catching my breath as I giggled. He joined in and held me closer as we both sat on the step together, looking up at the giant statue. Gathering myself together, I turned to him. Our noses touched, eyes locked, giggles seized. Butterflies filled my stomach as I felt him position his arm around my waist. His touch was gentle, I could feel his pulse pounding as he brushed his hand up my thigh towards my lower back. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our eyes stayed locked for what seemed like forever, holding one another closely. I could stay here forever.

He gazed down to my lips as I watched his eyes. In an instant, we both leaned in together. His lips were soft, gentle, but strong. I closed my eyes and I could feel my entire body shutter, fireworks flowing through my head and our bodies became one. He pulled me in closer as I pulled him in. Never separating our lips, he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his hips as he gently pressed me against the stairwell wall. Time became irrelevant. We never wanted this to end.

We slowly separated our lips, catching our breath, locking eyes as we pressed our foreheads together. We smiled, breathing heavily and I touched back down on the step below me.

“Come on, they’re probably looking for us.” I grabbed his hand and descended down the steps. I could feel my heart pounding in my ears as my lips and cheeks felt numb. He squeezed my hand tightly as we reached the door leading out into the hall.


Love can find you in the strangest yet beautiful ways throughout life. And no matter what or whom may get in the way of it, love never gives up, only embraces the challenge. The movie Endless Love is going to be an awesome romance film that I’m excited to see.

If you have a story of your first love or crush, I’d love to read it in the comments below. I’m a sucker for love. And if you are excited for the film let me know by tweeting to me (@pirategrayson) and @EndlessLove with the hashtag #EndlessLove in your tweet. Tell me your story.

If you’d like, you can follow Endless Love on Twitter, Instagram, and like them on Facebook. They’ve got some great photos and information on the movie there as well as on their website.
**This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures but this is my own personal story. http://youtu.be/10wHSMlFcpw

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