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RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve was truly an inspirational man. Within seconds of notice on his passing, everyone was effected. I obviously don’t personally know Steve but I feel like I, as well as so many others, have been positively impacted by what he’s done for himself, for Apple and for this world. He’s honestly changed so many things, changed technology and the way things in this world work. With the products he’s created in his lifetime with Apple, he’s been able to change lives, save lives, and improve lives of so many.

He’s changed the way we see the world, the way that our world will go forth with technology. He is not only the image and soul of Apple, but an idol to so many people of all ages. He’ll always be remembered and never forgotten. A man with the soul he had can never just disappear. He’ll forever be in our hearts. It almost seems as though he’s a close friend, or a family member with how upset a lot of us are.

If you follow me on twitter (@pirategrayson) you already know and have read the many tweets of emotions from me. I just can’t even really explain everything as to how I feel in simple words no matter how hard I try.

Ultimately, without Steve, I wouldn’t be where I am today. For my personal case, I wouldn’t have met my boyfriends (Tysiphonehelp), I wouldn’t have been introduced to YouTube, I wouldn’t have made videos, I wouldn’t have made videos from my front facing camera off my iPhone 4, and I wouldn’t be in this seat this very second.

I’m happy to know that at least he’s now no longer in pain nor suffering. It was heartbreaking to see how his body was changing because of Cancer and how he was being effected. Yet through it all, he stayed strong and presented himself the best he could regardless to his health. He lived far longer than expected with having cancer and through it, lived strong and fulfilling. As many have been saying to try and cheer up the mood, he’s no longer in pain and is now in the “iClouds” <3 Here are a few things I think you should check out. (currently)
CNN’s Video Tribute to Steve Jobs


Epic Easter Peep – Epic Meal Time

So my friend Chris, my boyfriend Ty, my brother Chance and I got together and created a spoof to this video.

Click here to see some photos of the food! :P


Washington DC Trip

So Ty and I decided to take a four day trip to Washington DC :)

Check out DeChrii!! –
And please check out Audacity, they’re gonna be big soon!! –

And here’s Ty’s video of him telling viewers we’re going:


LapTatt Snow White Decal Review

So sadly this video wasn’t the greatest, but here’s my take on it!

Though you have to be really careful, getting your LapTatt on your Macbook or on where ever you place it is very easy. The finished product looks awesome as long as you get it on the exact spot you get it on. I really like the Snow White, being as it’s a bit girly yet awesome looking all together. There’s hundreds of different designs that you can chose from and you chose what you feel suites you best.

Putting it on is very simple. The “LapTatt” comes with instructions, but basically all you have to do is peel off the back (white) paper, place the sticky part on the spot you want it, use a hard thing, like a credit card, and smooth out any rough edges and then simply peel off the remaining plastic cover. Though that may be confusing in words, it’s quiet simple.

Overall, I really like it. It gives my Macbook a bit of a personality and it makes it really nice looking, or so I feel. If you’re interested in buying one or a few for your laptop, ipad, window or anywhere, check out the links below!

Snow White LapTatt Decal –
Other LapTatt Decals –


First Meeting Ty Moss

The first time I met Ty was nerve racking, interesting, and crazy. I was so nervous and gitty, I just HAD to video tape it. And so, I decided to mesh all the footage together and just have it all up for keep sake as well as the awkwardly entertaining purpose for fans of Ty and to whoever wanted to see it. :P


How I Met Ty

So ever since Ty and I finally met one another, everyone was asking how we met. And so, I decided to make a video out of it. Stupidly, I wasn’t able to really put it so simply for you guys and had it far too long, splitting it into two parts.

If you don’t want to watch the two parts, here’s the story:

I felt a gut feeling in my stomach, went on his BlogTV Chat, he was on – not live – and we started talking. Since we met on BlogTV, we kept talking – practically every day, and started getting close and felt some strange connection to one another. After a few months of talking, we decided to meet to see what this feeling was, and realized we were totally head over heels for one another. All in all, I met him online in his BlogTV chat :P

I just wanted to add the sweet, sentimental crap that most people don’t care to hear in my video :P