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My Gaming/Streaming Setup

I’ve been dabbling into the streaming world and quite honestly have fallen in love with it. As of mid 2015 I built my first gaming pc and have since been trying my best to stream as best as I can. Within that time, I put together my little setup for when I stream on Twitch and game.


This setup works really well to me and I love it. (Just imagine that light is behind the desk and just above the webcam)

Desk – Height Adjustable Folding Table
Monitor – ASUS 23″ HDMI Monitor
TV/Left Monitor – Samsung 28-inch TV
Microphone – Blue Yeti Microphone
Keyboard – Razer DeathStalker
Mouse – UTechSmart 4000 DPI Gaming Wired Laser Mouse
Mouse Pad – LootCrate Borderlands Game Mat
Apple TV – Apple TV (2015)
Blanket – Vera Bradley Throw Blanket (Night & Day)
White Board – Marker White Board
Coloring Book – target=“_blank”>Inspirational Coloring Book
Colored Pencil Holder – Not sure what/where you can get this >.>
Computer Case – NZXT S340 Black/Blue ATX Mid Tower
Chair – Mid-Back Office Chair

Murloc Figurine – Blizzard Cute But Deadly Figure
WebCam – Logitech C920
Lighting – Softbox Studio Lighting
Hearthstone Stress Ball – LootCrate Hearthstone Stress Ball
Side Table – Small Foldable Table
Computer Stand (Thing my Computer is sitting on) – Origami Laptop Tray
Mini Tripod – Portable Lightweight Tripod
Headset – Razer Kraken Pro


Pack Less, Carry More

On long trips, I know I tend to think of all the possibilities and need for options when it comes to clothes and anything under the sun that I may need. You know, if I’m going away for a month, I may need an to pack 10 outfits, a couple dresses, every shoe for every possible occasion, a variety of bathing suits and purses, some groceries, books, an ironing board, a disco ball (you want to be able to bring the party anywhere you go, right?), my dog…

But truly, do I actually need that stuff? If I’m going away for 2-4 weeks, I at max need 7 shirts, and 2-4 bottoms (1-2 jeans, 1-2 shorts/skirt/whichever else) and perhaps one fancy occasion outfit. If I were going somewhere where the weathers a bit unpredictable, bring a light jacket or something easy to layer.

Minimal is key when packing and traveling and remember laundry is a thing and you can always buy necessities once you reach your destination.

I may have forgotten that on my last trip and packed a giant suitcase that was well over 60lbs (50lbs is the weight limit with most if not all airlines when flying). Yep, I know, too damn much. Once I got to my destination, I realized I packed way too much and immediately wanted to send a whole suitcase back. Now I’m just straying from what I had originally set out to write.

Pack less, carry more. When traveling, it’s always best to pack the minimal amount you can but carry with you all of your adventures, growth, lessons, and all that comes with your time traveling. And I’m not talking about souvenirs (if anything, save your money; don’t spend so much money on something you can probably make at home with the thought process of “oh but it’s from here”).

While traveling, you can learn so much about the world around you; different cultures, more about yourself, grow as a person with things you’ve learned from strangers or through scenarios you had to face. Perhaps your travels may just be to a hotel and the beach just outside, but even there, you’ll explore, mentally or physically, and you can learn so much about yourself.

Carry that with you in a way that doesn’t weigh you down but instead makes you stronger and holds you up.

Just within my first two weeks of staying in LA with my boyfriend and friends, I learned so much and could feel that there was so much more that I could carry with me for the rest of my life. Things about myself, things about the world, anything and everything I learned throughout my trip, I shall carry with me for the rest of my life in a way that will help me as a person.

Thus, along my trip, I realized that I should have packed less and carried more.


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