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Baby Sea Lions in Malibu

Malibu is absolutely mesmerizing place, filled with gorgeous sands and blue waters that make you want to sit out on the beach for days watching as the tides go in and out. While taking a day trip to Malibu with friends, we came across two unfortunately starving tiny sea lions pups, and of course spotted quite a few lounging around.

Sea Lions Resting

The first pup we came across was in, what I would say, really bad shape. The little one had certainly been washed up for hours and clearly starving. I had spoken to a rock climber there who mentioned that he called many hours ago to have it rescued but there had been no response due to current rescues going on and high capacity of rescued little ones to be cared for. For years it has been on record that thousands of sea lion pups are starving and often die because their food source has been scarce. I’m not quite sure where he/she is now, but I do hope help came. A few people passing by left some fish out for it to hopefully eat.

Baby Sea Lion UnWell :(

Baby Sea Lion Taking in the Sun

Baby Sea Lion is Camera Shy


Pack Less, Carry More

On long trips, I know I tend to think of all the possibilities and need for options when it comes to clothes and anything under the sun that I may need. You know, if I’m going away for a month, I may need an to pack 10 outfits, a couple dresses, every shoe for every possible occasion, a variety of bathing suits and purses, some groceries, books, an ironing board, a disco ball (you want to be able to bring the party anywhere you go, right?), my dog…

But truly, do I actually need that stuff? If I’m going away for 2-4 weeks, I at max need 7 shirts, and 2-4 bottoms (1-2 jeans, 1-2 shorts/skirt/whichever else) and perhaps one fancy occasion outfit. If I were going somewhere where the weathers a bit unpredictable, bring a light jacket or something easy to layer.

Minimal is key when packing and traveling and remember laundry is a thing and you can always buy necessities once you reach your destination.

I may have forgotten that on my last trip and packed a giant suitcase that was well over 60lbs (50lbs is the weight limit with most if not all airlines when flying). Yep, I know, too damn much. Once I got to my destination, I realized I packed way too much and immediately wanted to send a whole suitcase back. Now I’m just straying from what I had originally set out to write.

Pack less, carry more. When traveling, it’s always best to pack the minimal amount you can but carry with you all of your adventures, growth, lessons, and all that comes with your time traveling. And I’m not talking about souvenirs (if anything, save your money; don’t spend so much money on something you can probably make at home with the thought process of “oh but it’s from here”).

While traveling, you can learn so much about the world around you; different cultures, more about yourself, grow as a person with things you’ve learned from strangers or through scenarios you had to face. Perhaps your travels may just be to a hotel and the beach just outside, but even there, you’ll explore, mentally or physically, and you can learn so much about yourself.

Carry that with you in a way that doesn’t weigh you down but instead makes you stronger and holds you up.

Just within my first two weeks of staying in LA with my boyfriend and friends, I learned so much and could feel that there was so much more that I could carry with me for the rest of my life. Things about myself, things about the world, anything and everything I learned throughout my trip, I shall carry with me for the rest of my life in a way that will help me as a person.

Thus, along my trip, I realized that I should have packed less and carried more.


I’m a Wizard | Thoughts from Places

I took a lovely trip through Florida earlier in January to disconnect from the internet, well at least spending as little time as I could on the internet. Traveling through to St. Augustine where I walked through Fort Castillo de San Marcos, found the Fountain of Youth, and then took a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando and well, of course went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I had a lovely time and wanted to share you some of the awesome things I did. I know this is a bit different but I do hope you enjoyed this!

I also posted some photos from my trip on my Instagram, go check ’em out –



VidCon 2012 has already been planned and getting itself all together quickly! There are a few pieces of information that have been leaked to those that attended VidCon 2011 and this is definitely something you need to jump on if you’re wanting to go! Click here to see the PDF of the VidCon information.

VidCon is a video conference held for YouTubers of all sorts. It’s a truly amazing experience that I’d highly suggest to someone who uses YouTube daily or making videos on YouTube as their job. There are so many different opportunities present to each and everyone who attends the event.


What to Do at VidCon

VidCon offers so many different things for you to do. There are lectures and classes that you can attend when no one’s performing which can teach you all sorts of things ranging from simple things like talking to a camera to ways to make your film/video look almost professional with lighting and cameras. I know it sounds boring, but trust me, it’s so worth going to! It’s all really cool and seriously sit down and look at the programs they have set up for your use.

Along side classes and lectures, you can meet up with your favorite YouTubers. This is where it can get a little tricky. YouTubers who have a large audience, like Shay Carl or Shane Dawson, are a lot harder to talk to and meet. There are thousands of others that watch them that are also attending that want a chance to meet them just the same as you may, some more some less. During Meet-Ups, you’re able to sit down and listen to the YouTuber answering questions from you and the rest of the audience and in the end, you’re able to take a picture or get their autograph but not much more. They all do want to talk to you but there’s a lot of others that want to talk to them as well and what not. It’s a system now where it’s a lot harder to talk to someone who’s not as big. You also need to keep in mind they’re humans and busy and I’m sure if they’re rushing to go somewhere they either have to pee (which I highly suggest to NOT follow them into the bathroom) or they’re needed somewhere/have an appointment for something.


Packing for VidCon

Packing for VidCon can be pretty simple. Being as the event is commonly ranging between 2-3 days, you’ll be able to pack remotely light.

Here’s a few things I highly suggest bringing (along with your basic stuff):


How to Pack Light and Pack for Travels

So packing light and packing in general for trips can be a hassel, but there are some simple tips and tricks to remember to help ease the stress of packing. I kinda’ just jumbled everything together and I’m going to tell you how I packed for VidCon 2011.

First things first: You need to know how long you’re going away, how the weather will be while you’re there, and whether or not you’re staying at a hotel.


Washington DC

Ty and I took a road trip from our home in North Carolina up to Washington D.C. Despite the hectic but fun way of navigating our way through the city, we had so much fun and really had a great experience. Our first day there, we decided to walk through the area and see most of the monuments and memorials that are available to the public. Stupidly, we kept referring to the Capital Building as the White House but over time, figured out what was what. I really felt like my education has done well for me :P (In our defense, we were delirious for having about two hours of sleep total within the past two days and driving 7 hours straight as well as being confused, frustrated and tired lol)

Click here for photos from our trip! :)

Anyways, so the first day we saw so many beautiful, historic buildings and monuments, admiring the beauty around us. However, the only downfall – it was incredibly hot for about five in the afternoon, and once the sun was hiding completely, there were so many mosquitoes. Gross!

The second day we immediately went to the Masonic Temple. Ty’s obsessed with learning about the Free Masons and so was truly excited to go through the building. It was a beautiful building and I really did enjoy it as well. One thing that creeped me out about the building was that I kept getting a really weird vibe when we walked into the meeting rooms. Regardless, the building is magnificent and I would say that it must be seen if you visit Washington DC.

After visiting the Masonic Temple,we took a quick run through the Spy Museum which cost about $18 for the both of us, however it was really interesting to see. We weren’t able to take any pictures or videos, but by the end of seeing the museum, I’ve came to the conclusion that my grandfather was a spy :P

On the second day, we also took a trip to the Museum of Natural History and walked through there, viewing all the really cool exhibits and