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Baby Sea Lions in Malibu

Malibu is absolutely mesmerizing place, filled with gorgeous sands and blue waters that make you want to sit out on the beach for days watching as the tides go in and out. While taking a day trip to Malibu with friends, we came across two unfortunately starving tiny sea lions pups, and of course spotted quite a few lounging around.

Sea Lions Resting

The first pup we came across was in, what I would say, really bad shape. The little one had certainly been washed up for hours and clearly starving. I had spoken to a rock climber there who mentioned that he called many hours ago to have it rescued but there had been no response due to current rescues going on and high capacity of rescued little ones to be cared for. For years it has been on record that thousands of sea lion pups are starving and often die because their food source has been scarce. I’m not quite sure where he/she is now, but I do hope help came. A few people passing by left some fish out for it to hopefully eat.

Baby Sea Lion UnWell :(

Baby Sea Lion Taking in the Sun

Baby Sea Lion is Camera Shy


Malibu, California

Malibu, California


Winter Park, Florida

Early in February 2015, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Orlando, Florida for Playlist Live where we had a ton of fun with friends and fellow YouTubers.

After the weekend, we ended up traveling around and exploring parts of Orlando and came across Winter Park. I instantly fell in love; it’s a beautiful place with adorable shops and great eatery. If you’re ever visiting Orlando, I highly suggest taking some a day to visit and explore the little town.

Here are some of my favorite shots I took while strolling around Winter Park – there’s also an album further below :P


Stroll by the Canal


San Francisco Photos

After staying in LA for a month, Ty Moss, Adorian Deck, and I drove up to San Francisco and stayed there for about a week. It was a lovely time filled with great experiences and adventures. Here are some of the photos I took along the way! (Any photo of Ty and I was taken by Adorian)



California Misc.

During my stay in California, a lot went on within the small time there. Drunk VidCon nights, staying in different places, spending time with different people, exploring new places, visiting old ones, all of which I had an amazing time and have now some beautiful memories. I figured I’d share some of the random miscellaneous photos I took and they’re pretty random, enjoy :D


Hike to the Wisdom Tree and up Eaton Canyon, CA

Wisdom Tree and Eaton Canyon in California

In July, I stayed in Los Angeles, California for a month. It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had thus far in my life. Living there helped opened my eyes to a lot of things I was aware of before but not fully understanding.

Everywhere on this Earth is absolutely beautiful, we all just need to pay attention to it all. Above are some photos I took from a day I spent Hiking with some amazing people. Now I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m an incredibly lazy person, but that day we went on a hike up Eaton Canyon which was a fun adventurous time, then decided to hike up the Wisdom Tree to watch the sun set over the city. This is, sadly, a big deal to me. There was a point in time where I thought to myself, “Nah, I should just sit and do some work on the computer, I can’t hike up to the Wisdom Tree after just hiking Eaton Canyon”, but my friends convinced me otherwise and I did it. The Wisdom Tree hike wasn’t long, but it was extremely steep, narrow, and difficult but I managed to get up to the top and boy was that view worth every drop of sweat and blisters. Absolutely stunning.

Below are some more photos that I took on another hike up near the HollyWood sign (from the Observatory)