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September Favorites

I’m someone who tends to stick to the same routine and usage of products but lately I’ve been forcing myself to stray from the routine and try new things. And thus, I have accumulated a little list of products that I’ve recently started using and some things that I just always really like and enjoy.

Sept Favorites

Skin Care:

I’m very particular about my skin being as I’ve had acne for over 14 years and it’s the one of the main things I’m really self conscious about. It’s very rare for me to use different products on my skin being as I always fear having bad reactions or it worsening my skins condition. But, here are a few products I’ve been using and are finding to be my favorites.

4 Innate Skin Clear Skin

Innate Skin: Clear Skin Vitamins – Use the coupon code “pirate20” for 20% off your first purchase

One day I was tweeting about how I was fed up with acne and this company, Innate Skin, tweeted to me saying that it could be a deficiency in vitamins and offered to give me a sample of their product to see if it helped at all. Now, I’ve tried almost everything (except Accutane) and none of it seemed to work, or perhaps I wasn’t aware and taking or doing things properly, and so I said to myself, why not try it? And so they sent me a couple months supply and included a mask that they were still working on and said to just let them know how I liked it. Once I got the vitamin packs, I was honestly a bit nervous to try them but figured, eh what the hell, and stuck to taking them consistently every morning with my breakfast for a few months to see how it would affect my skin. Over time, I noticed that most if any breakouts were either from hormonal changes from my period or stress mainly. I feel like taking these vitamins, mixed with using my Clarasonic Mia and Lush’s Grease Lightning are the perfect mix (along with some relaxation to reduce stress and clean eating) for my skin to finally become clear and less aggravating. If you’re fed up with acne and want to give this a shot…


My First Yankee Candle Haul

While shopping around NorthLake Mall here in NC, I decided to stop into Yankee Candle as I recently received two wax warmers for Christmas. Excited, I rushed in and started going smelling crazy. The man in there was extremely helpful and helped me find quite a few different scents to try out. Here are some of the ones I ended up purchasing, though I know I’ll be going back to buy a few more or multiple of my favorites soon!


(Not shown: Golden Sands, Sun and Sand, and Orange Dreamsicle)

For those of you who don’t know about these adorable little guys, they’re Yankee Candle wax tarts. You can burn these in electric or candle lit wax warmers (NOT candle warmers that warm up candles). They’re awesome to have an I’m so excited to have two now in my life. These little wax guys can burn for up to 8 hrs of fragrance.

I’m currently burning/melting – I’m not quite sure what the verb is, but I’m doing it – Golden Sands in my bedroom and Sun and Sand in my kitchen. I also purchased Orange Dreamsicle for my boyfriend but I’m not an orange kind of girl.

I’ll be honest, as of right now I’m not crazy about Golden Sands, but just from looking at my little collection, I know I’ll like a lot of these no matter what. I mostly got a lot of beachy-type scents. I absolutely love everything about the beach thus, want to be reminded of it while I’m so far away from it.

As I may update my little collection and purchase new tarts/waxes, you’ll most likely notice a theme. I like to keep scents very soft, clean, and natural/nature like in my house and in general. I’m excited to discover new scents that I love.

Oh, and I’ll probably end up buying larger candles of the scents I really love. I’m excited!


Snupped Spacesuits

I’m seem to always be on the move and always tend to need or always want to bring my laptop with me. I have a backpack that can hold my laptop, but sometimes I’d much rather hold just my laptop in a sleeve. Well, I recently discovered Snupped and I think I may have finally found a really great sleeve/case for my laptop :) And I absolutely love all of the designs that they have available on their site. It’s an online-based brand that provides you with customizable laptop sleeves, tablet cases, and phone (small devices) sleeves. It’s fantastic!

IMG_6645 copy

You can design your own case with any of the amazing designs made by their designers or if you’d like, you can upload your own design or perhaps a picture. Every case is fully customizable and specifically hand tailored to you and your device’s requirements. They never mass produce their cases; once you make your order, the case is then made specifically just for you. I ordered my own SpaceSuit for my Macbook Pro 13″ (2010 model) and I absolutely love it. It’s great for when I’m on the go, I can just slide my laptop in, zip it up, and carry it with me. One great feature is you can decide whether or not you want


The Two Best Products for Blemishes

So I really want to start getting into beauty. Being as I’m going to be turning 19 this year, I really need to seriously start focusing on beauty if I want to be attractive as I grow older, which is a very hard thing to keep up with honestly.

Anyways, acne has been and still is one of my main issues. I’ve been dealing with acne for the past 11 years and have tried to find the best products to help solve my little issue.

Over time, I’ve found these two, Clinique’s Acne Spot Healing Gel and Clean&Clear’s Persa-Gel Spot Treatment. Both of which have helped me throughout breakouts and through my daily use.



So recently, Google rolled out a little experiment they’re working on called Google+. I don’t know too much about it honestly just yet, but I know it’s a social network in the making. I’ve been invited and am getting a first glance while it’s in Beta and thus far I really like it.

Now, I must inform you that I’m not that big and loving of “the Facebook”, but I do use it almost daily to keep in touch and up-to-date with my friends and family. Regardless, I’m going to try and be as un-bias as possible in my review and thoughts on this little experiment.


JBL Roxy Reference 430 Headphones Review

If you’re looking for a stylish pair of “over the ear” headphones, you may want to check out the latest line of Roxy’s headphones made by JBL; the Reference 430’s. They come in two different color matches; blue & green and pink & orange.

Let’s dive into the structure and style of the headphones. The headphone part (the green/pink outer part), the JBL logo parts on the side and the headband part are all plastic.

They seem durable but I quickly found that the parts which hold the metal that holds the headphone part connected to the headband is actually easy to break. I was playing around with them and it snapped apart. It’s easy to place back together, however, obviously a bit unstable.

The wire seems really durable, as long as they’re not chewed on, and they don’t seem to tangle at all while being moved around and stored.

The part of the headphones that touch your ears are cushioned by foam which is covered in a felt like material, as well as the headband part. Definitely a more comfortable material which doesn’t irritate your skin or bother you at all.

The headphones also come with a little traveling pouch which fits the headphones nicely. The outer part of the case is waterproof and the inside is a soft, cushiony felt-like material. Definitely a great add-on if you’re traveling. I used it on my trip to Las Vegas from North Carolina and it definitely came in handy. It was easy to fit my headphones in a small outer part of my bag for easy access. My boyfriend didn’t use a carrying case for his headphones, which are similar, and it was obnoxious dealing with the wire and storing his. Definitely a plus!

The look is definitely stylish and pretty cute in my opinion. They’re a nice pair of headphones, despite the plastic feel and bit of instability. The colors, I have the blue and green ones, are eye appealing and basically shout of uniqueness. I got a few looks while walking around wearing the headphones and they weren’t bad looks.

One of the things I found negative, besides the part where the part popped off, would be the fact that they do get a bit uncomfortable after wearing them for a long amount of time. I had a 4 hour flight and I definitely couldn’t sit having them on for too long. It may be that the ear part is a bit too small and just barely covers my whole ear (I don’t have that large of ears). I felt like they pressed on my ear lobe a bit too hard which irritated my ears after a while. Definitely not a great thing.

The sound, however, is pretty damn good. The bass is fantastic and they seem to cancel out a lot of the little noises in the background. Of course, if you have your music blasting, it’ll be hard to hear anything around you. Again, they’re great for traveling or sitting at home, lounging and listening to music.

Now if you’re looking to purchase these for yourself, a family member, friend or loved one, you’re able to do so by going here. On the site they have all the specs on the headphones and of course you can purchase them online. I’m not sure where you can buy them in stores (if they’re in the stores, I’m assuming PacSun) but I know they’re not actually available on the Roxy website, they’re only available on the JBL site.

The headphones, whether you purchase the blue and green or pink and orange, are $69.95 with free ground shipping (they were previously $79.95 so you’re saving a bit). Also, when you receive your headphones, they come with a 1 year warranty which can always come in handy!

Check ’em out for yourself! :)