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My mind is racing
Heads aching
Questions come and go
Leaving me puzzled

Unsure of where to go
I am dazed
No longer able to understand
What it is I seek

Help me.



White powder, covering land
stretching far and wide

sun, glistening down upon it
glazing it with its beauty

a young child, rubbing his eyes
as he rises to the day

through his window, he observes
the white wonderland that has settled
and is here to stay.


From a Seed

From a single seed, life can grow
Within the depths of the earths soil
A tiny sprout can grow to be so much more



What I Want

I want to stand against the crowd
To shout aloud to those around
I want to be my own
To show that I can cope

I want to prove to you
That I can survive
I am my own soul

I want to celebrate my own ways
To demonstrate that who I am
I’m no linger a shadow
No longer the person in the crowd

I want to be me
To hold my head up
To have the strength within me
To be who I know I am

And to show what I try my best to hide.


Sunset Painting

I’ve been sitting here for some time,
Upon this bright bench
Staring at the walls in front of me
Watching the sun set

The colors are brushed so gently
But hard enough to see
They blend together
Creating a beautiful scene

I close my eyes,
Visioning as though I’m there
Feeling the breath of the sea amongst my skin
As I sit there painting the sky


Sky Breeze

Hands tangled together
pillows dance through the sky above them
the two
so perfect,
so ideal to others,
lay quietly within ones arms
a blue breeze travels by
dancing between the two
filling their souls with laughter and light