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I’m a Wizard | Thoughts from Places

I took a lovely trip through Florida earlier in January to disconnect from the internet, well at least spending as little time as I could on the internet. Traveling through to St. Augustine where I walked through Fort Castillo de San Marcos, found the Fountain of Youth, and then took a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando and well, of course went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I had a lovely time and wanted to share you some of the awesome things I did. I know this is a bit different but I do hope you enjoyed this!

I also posted some photos from my trip on my Instagram, go check ’em out –


Project for Awesome [2012]

Every year on December 17th, a majority of the YouTube community take part in Project for Awesome which was started by Hank and John Green of the Vlogbrothers back in 2007.

The Project for Awesome is an annual event on YouTube in which thousands of video creators make videos supporting their favorite charity. Anybody is allowed to participate – simply make a video about a charity you support and post it on YouTube on December 17th. Then tune into the livestream and join in the commenting and donating fun. DFTBA!

Now there are so many charities that are truly amazing and I wish I could donate and promote each and every one of them as they all do what they can to help the cause they’re fighting for. But here are four of my favorite charities. Anything can help so if you can, check out these charities and donate what you can to help. I also suggest looking into other charities that are for great causes and can help all around the world that may be featured here –


American Heart Association


Puppy Play Time

These five adorable puppies get together and play for the day!


Nutty Breakfast Pizza

Are you feeling a bit wild and want to make a delicious breakfast pizza? It’s a simple, quick and fun way to make breakfast just a bit better. Try my latest little creation, the Nutty Breakfast Pizza :)

– Pancake Mix
– Nutella
– Cereal of your choice (I used Cap’n Crunch Berries)
– Fruit of your choice (I used Strawberries and Blueberries)
– Any other type of breakfast meal you’d like to put on it.

Alright! So you are feeling wild aren’t you? You want to try out this delicious breakfast meal. Keep in mind this is a recipe type thing meant for one person – but you can work with it as you’d like. Well then, let’s begin!

First things first, make a pancake. You can make as many as you’d like, but these are meant to be mini-pizza type things that a single person can eat themselves. Once the pancake is made, the magic really begins.

Spread the Nutella as you’d like on the top of the pancake, then sprinkle the cereal you’d like on top of that. Think of it as a pizza, just using different ingredients.

As you go, sprinkle on your fruit or any other type of breakfast you’d like to mesh with this magnificent Breakfast Pizza and voilĂ !

Simple, delicious and spices up your breakfast! Make as many as you’d like for whomever you’d like and enjoy :) Below is my video where I make it so you can see exactly what I do :)