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Confessions: The Private School Murders

Growing up, I read every Nancy Drew book I could find. I absolutely love stories where the characters, especially female protagonists, are trying to solve mysteries. In this novel series, Tandy does exactly that. With a twisted life as a scientific experiment growing up, Tandy is dealing with a lot of new things she’s never truly experienced before while trying to solve the murders before her brother is convicted for a crime he may not have done. Once I started reading, I had a hard time putting it down.


Confession: The Private School Murders
By James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
On Sale October 7, 2013


Confessions: The Private School Murders is the gripping second installment in James Patterson’s #1 New York Times bestselling new teen detective series.

Wealthy young women are being murdered and the police are looking for all the right answers in all the wrong places. Tandy Angel wants to know who’s really responsible.

In the meantime, Tandy’s brother Matthew is on trial for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, actress Tamara Gee, and Tandy is delving deeper into the Angel family closet to uncover the mysteries of her own scandalous family.

As the victims continue to pile up, can Tandy untangle the mysteries in time? Or will she be the next victim?

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Precious Blood

Just with reading the first few chapters, I know I’m going to love this book. The authors style is mysterious, keeping you wanting to read more and more. Each characters personalities are so relatable, one way or another, and it keeps you connected to them and their story.

About Precious Blood
What if martyrs and saints lived among us? And what if you were told you were one of them?
Agnes, Cecilia, and Lucy are three lost girls — each with their own personal demons. These girls meet one night when they all end up in the same hospital…