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Random Chatter on Depression

Depression is real and it can effect anyone. It’s not fun, it’s not something someone wants to be (at least it shouldn’t), and it’s not something to ignore.

There are multiple and different cases of depression, some minor and some extremely major. Anyone and everyone can be effected by it, whether the cause be more so mental or an emotional turning point for someone which can set them in a slump.

I know a few people who have depression. And I do believe I have a minor case of it as well. So being as I have a pretty decent view on it, I know it’s not something to ignore.


Leaving the Nest

I’m sitting here, trying to figure out how I’m going to write this but I cant just fit everything to words. So I’m just going to blast whatever comes outta my mind on here and hopefully those reading will understand what I’m thinking and saying.

For me, leaving the nest, as they say it, wasn’t a hard thing to do. When I moved out of my parents house, I didn’t have that hard of a time to say good bye but that was only because I knew I was ready to take on the world and ready to take it, head on. The only time I’ve ever regret it is when I reflect and see that I’m not taking on the world at all now that I’m out of my parents house.


A Girl

I am just a girl. I’m trying to find me. Trying to find a path which suits me best and flows the way I’d like. I am lost, confused. I am dazed and clouded by depression as I stand bare foot in the dirt. Soaking in the world around me, I feel filled with life, yet held, locked in place with no where to go.

I am just a girl. Broken and lost in the waves of life.



So recently, Google rolled out a little experiment they’re working on called Google+. I don’t know too much about it honestly just yet, but I know it’s a social network in the making. I’ve been invited and am getting a first glance while it’s in Beta and thus far I really like it.

Now, I must inform you that I’m not that big and loving of “the Facebook”, but I do use it almost daily to keep in touch and up-to-date with my friends and family. Regardless, I’m going to try and be as un-bias as possible in my review and thoughts on this little experiment.



So I’ve been in New Jersey since the 23rd of June and will be here for a little while longer. With me being home, I’ve noticed how happy I am and how my personality has somewhat taken a complete 360, though there are a few factors that have stressed me out massively thus far (i.e Mac being a butt and trying to attack my cats, etc.). Overall though, I’m happy home.

As I was growing up, I’ve always said I want to get out, I don’t want to live here and I don’t want to stay in Jersey. It’s weird how being away from home makes you actually miss it. I’m sure that if I still lived here, I’d want to have my own place and everything of the sort. But that’s all and only because I feel like I’m ready to take on the real world and I want complete control of myself and everything I do.


Time Travel

If you could go back in time, would you?

I know there are so many things that I’d like to change and take back and stop myself from doing knowing the outcome, yet, each event has led me to many great things and knowledge as well. So I’m totally on the fence.



We are all human. We all have things which set us apart.

Sexuality shouldn’t be something one¬†ostracizes if it’s different from one’s own. If it’s a matter of God, we are all his children, are we not? Why act differently and disrespectfully to another because they feel differently from you? You shouldn’t.

We are all equal, no matter what. Congratulations New York.

Yay! New York :D


Epic Easter Peep – Epic Meal Time

So my friend Chris, my boyfriend Ty, my brother Chance and I got together and created a spoof to this video.

Click here to see some photos of the food! :P



My mind is blocked and clustered.
I can’t understand what’s being said
What’s being thought of
I can’t read myself or my thoughts


Prepping for an Apple Product Release

So Apple, as we all know, is the one company that knows how to work their buyers. They tell us when to move and we move just as they want us to. Thousands of people wait in lines, that sometimes stretch for more than a mile, for hours waiting for their newest product. We’ll get there early, waiting in line at the Apple Stores, saving our spot and trying to be one of the first to buy and have their latest addition.