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Project for Awesome [2012]

Every year on December 17th, a majority of the YouTube community take part in Project for Awesome which was started by Hank and John Green of the Vlogbrothers back in 2007.

The Project for Awesome is an annual event on YouTube in which thousands of video creators make videos supporting their favorite charity. Anybody is allowed to participate – simply make a video about a charity you support and post it on YouTube on December 17th. Then tune into the livestream and join in the commenting and donating fun. DFTBA!

Now there are so many charities that are truly amazing and I wish I could donate and promote each and every one of them as they all do what they can to help the cause they’re fighting for. But here are four of my favorite charities. Anything can help so if you can, check out these charities and donate what you can to help. I also suggest looking into other charities that are for great causes and can help all around the world that may be featured here –


American Heart Association


WoW – Downgrade and Patch

I know that many people have asked me how to properly downgrade World of Warcraft so they’re able to join a private server that they may find or join while browsing the web. Well, if you currently have World of Warcraft installed on your computer and have been playing retail for a while, but now however, wish to join a private server but you’re not sure how to down-patch properly to the patch the servers on, here’s your guide.

Basically, with WoW’s latest 4.0.1 patch, downgrading is a little more tricky in regards to Mac Users and possibly even PC users. What I’ve found is that you must completely uninstall and reinstall WoW. However, there is a possible way to downgrade without doing that – click here for a possible guide to do so.

Now, in regards to installing, there are plenty of clients available to you online if you google them, or you can just re-install the game through your CD’s. (Here‘s some possible ones).

Once you install WoW, you have to cancel any patching it begins. Allow the WoW Install to fully get to 100% and then cancel any other window that may pop up. You will be manually patching WoW from here on out.

With World of Warcraft, there are many different versions for each computer (Mac and PC) for every different country/region. There’s different versions like US, UK, FR, RU, etc which you need to be conscious of in regards to where you live when finding each patch as well as installing the game. Here are two places I was able to find patches – AtomicGamer (which has Mac and PC patches) and StrategyInformer (I believe these are only PC patches).

Now, the only down part with those two links is there aren’t any patches that go from say, 3.0.1 to 3.3.3a. If you’re impatient, you’ll have to google and look for the bulk patches.

When patching, it helps to keep what you’re doing down to a minimum. (As in, don’t be playing another game online, working on photoshop and other stuff while you’re patching on the same computer). You need to keep an eye out for when each patch is finished patching being as you will have to cancel the next patch which will automatically start (most commonly, WoW has an instant patcher that patches from 3.x.x to 4.0.1).

Here’s how everything will go: Once you’ve installed WoW, it’ll begin to patch. IMMEDIATELY CANCEL. Once you download the patch you need in regards to which patch your WoW is on, you will have to wait for it to install. The install window should have the main part of the window as a scroll-down white notepad of all the different and new things that come with the patch and a loading/downloading/installing bar at the bottom with a percentage (most often). Once that hits 100%, you’ll have to hit okay. A new window will come up, close it or CANCEL it immediately. You’ll need to do this with each and every patch.

Basically, all that you have to do is the tedious job of downloading each patch and patching them manually. Every time after patching, WoW will first download something, let it do that, but then a window will pop up and at the bottom of the small window, it’ll say “Patching 3.x.x. to 4.0.x” (this will be located at the bottom left of the window). IMMEDIATELY click cancel. This will show up EVERY TIME you patch. And yes, you will have to cancel it each and every time. If you don’t, you will have to repeat this process.

Once you’ve finally downloaded and installed the latest patch you need for whichever server you are apart of/joined, be sure to cancel any further patches, go into the direct World of Warcraft folder, and change the realm list to whatever your server tells you to, you have to click on the Wow.exe file to play World of Warcraft so it doesn’t try patching or anything of the sort.

To make playing WoW easier from there on out, just simply make a shortcut of the Wow.exe file and paste it somewhere you’d like, like your desktop, or quick launch bar.

Best of luck!!! :)

NOTE: Mac users may need some type of application which will unzip files. Zipeg is a good application for that.