Black Ops 2 Intel Locations – Mission 10: Cordis Die

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Intel #1:
Once you rappel down (regardless if you choose to snipe or rappel first), go to the left and you’ll reach a police bike and a flaming car. Just in front on the side of the flaming car, you’ll find the intel laying on the ground.

Intel #2:
After driving the truck through the chaos and just after destroying the first CLAW, coming up on the second, you’ll find a lobby to your left. Enter into the lobby and you’ll find the intel on the front desk stationed in the center of the room (the only desk in the center).

Intel #3:
Once you destroy the third Claw, you’ll enter into a mall-looking area. There will be an two advertisement screens visible to your left. Go through the entryway to the left toward them and into the Plaza. Go up the escalators and to the right there will be a shirt stand. You’ll find the intel amongst the shirts on the stand.

And if you’re interested, you can check out my Gaming with Gray: Black Ops 2 series. Here’s the Episode of the tenth mission, Cordis Dies.

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Main Channel | Gaming Channel | Vlog Channel | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr

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