Black Ops 2 Intel Location – Mission 4: Time and Fate

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Intel #1:
As Raul Menendez, you speed through with rage, killing all in your path. At one point, you come to a barn, horses will charge past you. Once you pass the horses, just near the exit of the barn, there’s a wagon on your right and at the very back of it, you’ll find the intel.

Intel #2:
Once in control of Mason, right after Woods see’s Menendez entering the barn, you’ll reach a courtyard. Just before entering the courtyard, there’s a tower on the right. Woods will mention something about snipers in the archway. Go over to the right, go into the doorway next to a red set of scaffolding and climb up the ladder to snipe at the top. Along your way up, on the second platform you’ll find the intel on top of a box.

Intel #3:
Once you’re in the building, you’ll enter into a trap door with Woods. You’ll come upon a large room with workers, clear them out and on the far left side there will be a room. You’ll find the intel in that room on the bench. If you’ve entered a room where they’re attempting to burn files, you passed it (it should be just before that room)

CIA File:
Once you get the last intel, you’ll enter another room with workers attempting to burn files and shooting at you. Clear them out and go towards the ovens. There’s a small area to the right with desks. On one of the desks there’s a CIA File.

And if you’re interested, you can check out my Gaming with Gray: Black Ops 2 series. Here’s the Episode of the fourth mission, Time and Fate.

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