Being “Popular”

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I always see people changing themselves to fit in with crowds, to try and be what people classify as “popular” and or try to find ways to get attention from others. Why? I can understand some of the reasonings but ultimately, why? Why change who you are to get a better social status among those who think they’re so high and mighty? Don’t let them decide who you get to be.

114527922_The_Mean__356423c Everything in life is the way it is because we perceive it to be that way. If a certain group of people are classified as “popular” because they look a certain way or act a certain way, why not see each of them as they really individually are instead of allowing them to be perceived in a silly cliche society tends to brand others with.

There’s no reason to go against the current of life to try and gain such acceptance from others. They need to learn to accept you as you are and if they don’t, they aren’t worth a moment of your time.

No one should determine who you get to be or how you get to be. You need to be you, to strive to better yourself for you, and to shine as you and only you. We all change throughout our lives. Whether its physically, mentally, emotionally – it happens. You will constantly learn more about yourself each day and you need to make sure your eyes are open wide enough to understand and accept yourself for who you are. And with every change, explore it, strengthen it, and better you entirely.

We tend to want to be accepted by those we care for most, the people around us that we hold close. That’s fine, but never change a certain way just to get that acceptance. They should accept you for who you are and if they don’t, perhaps they’re not the right people for you to spend your time with.

It may sound silly, but we all need to learn to accept ourselves for who we are and stop worrying about societies opinions. Once you do so, you need to strive to truly be the best you. And please, don’t ever forget to be awesome, in your special way.

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