About Me

Hi there, my name’s Grayson – I also go by Gray. I’m a young video content creator, writer, and streamer (casual gamer).

Life is an adventure and I am here to share my stories, my interests and all that I wish. Follow along as I try to find my place in this world and within my heart.

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Name: Grayson
Birth Date: November 23
Began YouTube: April 14, 2006
Began Twitch: January 6, 2015


Common Q’s asked:

‣ Why the name PirateGray/SaveaxX/HottGamerChick?
Here’s all the backgrounds for the names:

PirateGray/PirateGrayson – Back in the Myspace days, for some reason I made my name PirateGrayson (I think during the times kids were getting creative with their names, obviously) and being as that name was awesome, I stuck with it! (PirateGray is obviously a shorter version of the name).

SaveaxX/Savea – Whenever I started playing on Private Servers in World of Warcraft, I randomly created the name Savea. Whenever I started browsing YouTube, I decided to make an account to keep all my favorite videos and so I tried to make the account Savea, but it was already taken so within the moment, just chose xx to add to the end so I could still keep Savea in my username. I never expected it to be used as an actual content-posting account.

HottGamerChick (now known as GamewithGray) – Once I got into making videos, I realized I really wanted to post gaming videos and so I asked my at the time boyfriend, what would be a good name for a gaming channel? And we both jokingly said “Hot Gamer Chick”. I checked and played around with spelling and it was available, and at the time, I couldn’t think of anything better so I just went with it. Didn’t think I’d actually keep it and hoped I’d make something better before posting, but it stuck.

‣ When did you start making YouTube Videos?
The very first video I ever posted to YouTube was on April 14, 2006 on a random channel I had made to share videos with my friends on Forums. I later posted my first video on my “SaveaxX” channel on Feb. 22, 2008. However I didn’t start posting videos seriously (with knowing about the YouTube Community and taking part) until February 1st, 2010.

‣ What got you into YouTube?
I discovered YouTube I believe back in 2006 or so whenever I became involved with a World of Warcraft Servers/Forums and Harry Potter Forums. However I didn’t discover the true community until I met Ty Moss (tysihelp) late January 2010. Whenever him and I first started talking, he introduced me to a whole new community and since then, I’ve been involved and love it.

‣ Why make YouTube Videos?
Ever since I discovered YouTube, I’ve really enjoyed posting videos to connect with others, experiment with fun editing and camera angles as well as just learning as I grow. Sharing my experiences and lessons that I’ve learned is always something I’ve loved doing, so why not share them in video form? I really love connecting with others and entertaining people in different ways as well as expressing myself in different forms.

‣ What educational background do you have?
I graduated from public High School in 2010 back home in New Jersey. I haven’t gone to college as of yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not learning each day.

‣ What Countries have you traveled to and what ones do you want to go to?
As of early 2014: I haven’t traveled nearly as much as I’d love to in my life but I have been to small parts in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. I’d LOVE to travel far throughout Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Africa, Australia, Japan, China, and all throughout the UK. (And then some!)

‣ YouTube Tips?
The best thing I can think of right now is to do what you LOVE and be yourself. Don’t make videos just for money; it’s incredibly hard to make even near as much as you need to to self sustain yourself. Do it to grow, to learn more about yourself, to experiment; have fun and express yourself.

‣ Are you in school? When are you going to start college?
I graduated High School back in 2010 and since then have not attended College or anything of that sort just yet. I plan on eventually attending college but at this point in time do not feel it’s the best decision financially for me as well as mentally. There’s a lot occurring in my life and adding school on top of it will only slow me down at this point; again I will be attending college eventually in time.

‣ What made you want to start to do videos and what makes you keep doing them?
Once I became apart of the YouTube community and got involved, I realized it was a lot of fun putting together fun videos and just talk to a camera as though it’s a diary sort of thing. I keep wanting to make videos to learn, connect and to hopefully teach and make others feel beautiful inside and out.

‣ How old is Mac (my dog) and when did you get him?
I got my sweet and adorable pit bull/mastiff Mac February 14th, 2011. He was born December 3rd, 2010. He’s growing up far too quickly for my liking.

‣ What programs do you use to edit?
When it comes to simple and short videos that don’t require a lot of editing I use iMovie, but for the stuff I want to put a lot more effort in editing wise, I use Final Cut Pro X.

‣ What do you use to film?
It really depends on the video. I currently use my Canon T3i and my iPhone 5C (as of 2014). I have used the following cameras in videos: Canon 60D, Canon Powershot Elph 300HS, Canon Powershot Elph 110HS, iPhone 4, and some other crappy camera I had when I first started.

‣ What type of lighting do you use?
Almost always I try to use natural lighting or any basic lamp lighting. Also soft boxes. Hopefully in the future I will be able to upgrade and put a bit of money into lighting equipment for some really nice lights.

‣ What are your hobbies?
In my spare time I like to cuddle with my dog, write, watch movies, play videos games and from time to time draw. I love cleaning and organizing things as well, but not really sure that’d be considered a hobby.

‣ Why haven’t you posted videos in a while? What’s going on?
If I haven’t posted in a while, there’s most likely a reason. Most times it’s because I just have a lot going on within my life that I may not be able to share, I may be going through a bit of a mental/emotional crisis, or just have been really busy with other things. The best way to keep up with what’s going on is to follow me on twitter (@pirategrayson)

‣ What are your favorite games?
I really can’t decide a favorite game being as there’s always new games always coming out, but I’ll give you a list of games I know I really enjoy playing when I get the chance to play:
– World of Warcraft
– Any Call of Duty
– Skyrim
– Any Assassins Creed games
– Any of the Lord of the Rings games
– Final Fantasy X and XI
– Guild Wars
– Portal 1&2
And many more.

‣ When did you first start playing video games?
I honestly can’t remember exactly when, but I know back when I was probably about 5 years old, I used to go to my friend’s house who lived just up the street from me to play Nintendo 64 Super Smash Brothers. Once I got a bit older, my mom got my brother and I a Playstation 2 and Gamecube and we used to play together all the time since we got them.

‣ You’re such an attention whore!
Totes dude, TOTES. On a remotely serious note, I’m not. I mean, I could see why someone thinks that; I post videos of myself doing whatever for people to watch. However, I do not have attention in mind whenever I make them. I make them for myself, for me to enjoy as well as to teach and connect with others. Not for attention or compliments like “you’re hot and sexy ooo girl” sort of thing. In fact, I hate those sort of comments and attention like that.