15 Facts About Me

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Though I’m on the internet and post pretty often, there’s still so much you may not know about me. Well, there’s definitely a lot you just can’t learn about a person through the internets. So I felt it’d be fun to post some facts about myself so you can get to know me a bit better! It’d be awesome to read about YOU as well, so post some facts about yourself in the comments or feel free to make a video telling me your facts and make it a video response to my “7 Facts About Me” video :D

Let’s dive in!

1. Growing up, all I wanted to do was play videogames, collect worms, and play baseball with my little brother and dad in the street.
2. I used to film my friend and I dancing and random skits as a kid. We would set up a camera and choreograph dances to try and make a music video. We, at one point, performed a dance in our elementary school’s talent show.
3. I wasn’t the nicest kid growing up and most definitely wasn’t a great friend. I had and still have a lot of insecurities and because of it, I would be mean to a lot of people :/
4. I can swim – well, could – but haven’t in so long that I’m really scared I forgot how to so I don’t swim. I also choose not to swim because I really don’t like people seeing me in a bikini (self-insecurities thing).
5. I wear my heart on my sleeve and love way too much (if that’s possible). Now that may seem like “Oh yea, that’s a lot of people” – well, I am also really blunt and upfront about the way I feel a lot of the time and so I tend to just blurt out my feelings and it can hurt depending on their response. I believe in that Disney shit way too much.
6. I think my hips are double jointed.
7. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. Whenever I read about some illness that may show symptoms of whatever I have, I immediately go into freak-out mode and assume I have whatever illness it is, even though it’s most likely just a cold or something. Also, when I was a kid I didn’t go to school for a month because I thought I had been terminally ill with stomach pains that I couldn’t walk or eat properly. I had a ton of tests done and a couple hundred or thousands of dollars later, I was completely fine. There had been literally nothing wrong with me. I just thought I was ill.
8. I don’t like eating anything from the ocean/sea/water (except for Tuna – occasionally). I just have some weird “nono” factor in my head. I’m also worried I’m allergic for some reason.
Luke-luke-skywalker-32875738-720-5779. I have a crush on Luke Skywalker. Always have, always will. Can we just look at this man for a second? Pure glory.
10. I was a hula hoop master in elementary school. (Or so I thought). I used to hula hoop 10 at the same time.
11. I have a hard time falling asleep without something or someone touching me (as in up against me like a pillow, teddy bear, or just cuddling).
12. I used to braid my hair or slick it back in a ponytail back in elementary school because I didn’t like my hair and wanted to be like one of the boys.
13. I’m really scared of rejection and only want to please people.
14. I used to think that fish could breathe in water and out so I would take them out of the fish tank and pet them for a second or two and then place them back into the water… I don’t even know.
15. I absolutely love Lord of The Rings. Everything about it is perfect to me.

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